In the age of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed and the failure of the Moments tab within the Twitter platform, the company has recently replaced “Moments” with “Explore” inside the Twitter app.

The purpose is to make it easier for users to find the content they’re looking for inside the app. The “Explore” tab will feature Moments, search, trending hashtags, and featured live videos all in one place. Currently, only on iOS and the iPhone and iPad, Explore will be coming to Android within a few weeks, according to the Twitter blog.

What makes the Explore tab on Twitter useful is the fact that it contains more information than Moments.

When you click on the magnifying glass with “Explore,” you’ll initially see popular videos or tweets at the top of the section. As you scroll down, you’ll see a preview of the other features, and if you’d like to see more from any particular category, you can tap on “More” to see a longer list of tweets on that subject.

While Explore was first spotted in testing in late October, as it has been searching for new and unique ways to improve its discovery tools. The live streaming on the platform has seen success, but the social media network is looking for new ways to appeal to their ever-deflating audience.

The Magnifying Glass

Like Instagram, the Explore tab has the magnifying glass icon. They’re adding more to the tab, hoping to provide a more memorable user experience. The company hoped for new users to attract to the platform in 2015 with Moments, but the feature never quite reached what Jack Dorsey and other executives had hoped.

Per the Twitter blog,

“Until today, you had to go to a few different places to find each of these experiences. As part of our continued efforts to make it easier to see what’s happening, we’re bringing all these together.”

Early Limitations

While you’re able to see the most talked about things on Twitter within one tab, you may not be overly concerned with a majority of those topics. Many of us aren’t trying to explore the app, we’re trying to catch up on what we missed.

I love the “In Case You Missed It” section as you open the app and begin scrolling through your newsfeed. This way I see the information from people that I follow that I may have missed. Most of the time, that’s where the news that I’m trying to see is coming from.

Why can’t you see the links that have been shared by people you follow? That would make the most sense and get rid of Nuzzel. I use Nuzzel daily to see what’s in the news.

As Twitter receives feedback and learns how users are interacting with the feature, expect some nuances to be fine-tuned.

Twitter is trying to stay relevant in the social media infused world where Snapchat and Instagram have risen and Twitter has taken a backseat. I’ll still use Twitter, and I’m curious to see the effect of Explore on user engagement.