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CJ Bachmann

Anyone who’s ever been hired by CJ has heard her pledge to “ensure that the person next to you is working just as hard as you are.” As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) here at 1SEO Digital Agency, she understands the challenges of managing the day-to-day operations in a fast-paced environment and executes them with exceptional attention to detail. Through collaboration with executive directors in a vertical-based team structure, CJ carefully balances her knowledge, experience, and expertise with the ability to strategically manage the hundreds of clients we serve. 

With over two decades’ experience in sales and customer service, CJ has a passion for the old-school, client-centric mentality that is the bedrock on which 1SEO Digital Agency was built. Taking great pride in mentoring the company’s Directors and Leadership Team, CJ understands the importance of depending on employees’ talents and providing them opportunities to develop and build on their unique skill sets. 

Under her leadership over the last two years, 1SEO Digital Agency has grown to over 100 employees, added a second 1SEO office in Salt Lake City, Utah, expanded the company’s traditional advertising services, and more. As a tech-savvy thought leader, CJ is continuously on the lookout to improve the company, incorporating continuing industry education through seminars and training and adopting new technology to enhance and streamline internal operations. 

There are no “normal” days at the office for CJ. On any given day, she can find herself sitting in on team meetings, discussing strategies with clients, overseeing in-house projects, and fulfilling other various roles. As someone who has spent the majority of her career behind the scenes, CJ’s primary goal is to ensure that operations move smoothly by helping build and manage teams that handle clients’ day-to-day needs, acting as both a strategic leader and quality assurance throughout the process.  

CJ’s management philosophy is simple — she believes in leadership by example. This includes having the ability to back up what she says with what she does, and her record speaks for itself. From being recognized with a SmartCEO award to helming the teams that won countless industry accolades such as the US Search Awards, the dotCOMM Awards, the AVA Digital Awards, and many more, CJ has proven that she knows how to get the job done. 

Nowhere near your “typical” corporate boss, CJ draws on her roles outside of work as a mother and caregiver to connect with all types of individuals and their distinct personalities, bridging gaps while helping 1SEO’s clients and our employees succeed. 

True to her credo, “a healthy mind and a healthy body lead to a healthy life,” CJ balances fitness with fun by working out daily but still enjoying the occasional chocolate chip cookie.