Want to think outside the box when it comes to using social media to drive traffic to unique content on your website—even your homepage? Snapchat has introduced Snapcodes, giving its audience a new and unusual way to browse the web.

Currently in beta on Android and in the updates on iOS software, users and businesses can create a unique Snapcode for their website. The Snapcode is a sort of QR code, which when scanned with app’s camera, will open the URL inside the Snapchat app.

How to use the feature:


  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Snapcodes”
  • Tap on “Create Snapcode”

Once you’re set and ready to create your Snapcode, you’re required to enter the URL you wish to direct users to, add an image to the code and resize it so it fits within the Snapchat logo, and save it for use when you’re ready to display the code.

Where Have Snapcodes Been?

The QR code feature was introduced in 2015 based on the company’s acquisition of Scan.me. You’ve probably used the feature before. Instead of searching for a username, you each pull out your phone and one of you focuses your Snapchat camera on the QR code to follow them.

The Snapcodes are an advancement of this feature. The same premise applies, but this gives marketers a way to promote their content and boost their business. As users, we’re not looking for URLs to click or clutter up our experience.

Snapcodes allow you to now promote your site without affecting this URL-free experience.

How Should You Use Snapcodes?

A wider range of brands will start using Snapcodes to drive traffic to their website. It’s a new way to stay ahead of your competition. While the primary goal should be to use the codes to drive traffic, generate interest, and promote products, there are other potential uses for Snapcodes.

If you’re running a contest or offering promos and coupons, create a Snapcode that allows people to click on your code to sign up or receive the offer.

Direct users to download your app. Include a link directly to the app to create more buzz surrounding your app. You know that Snapchat users are on their mobile device, so there’s no better time to promote your app than on a mobile device.

Increase your following on social media profiles. If you’re making a push for a better following on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, include the link to your profile in your Snapcode to direct traffic to these platforms and grow your following.

The way most marketers will be using the feature is to direct users to a desired landing page. Whether the homepage of your website, a contact form, or an interior landing for a particular prevalent service for your company, Snapcodes allow you to get your content seen by a wider range of eyes.


Tracking Results

Snapchat will provide you with in-app analytics for codes that are scanned at least 100 times. Those links that are eligible for analytics can see the total number of scans from users over the span of the last three months, including the percentage of people that opened the link after scanning it.

These metrics will provide you with a new list of potential customers; those you can get your brand in front of through remarketing, sponsored posts, PPC display ads, and more. Snapchat can be a key cog in your marketing strategy. Start taking advantage of Snapcodes from Snapchat today.

Why Snapcodes Are Important

As marketers, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to drive traffic to our business or that of our clients. The introduction of Snapcodes is a way for you to step outside the box, think innovatively, and create content for the sole purpose of Snapcodes or reiterate the value of your content to users who may not have had the chance to check it out.

Snapchat continues to grow in popularity. The importance of having a unique and creative website design to attract new customers is of vital importance. Display exclusive content and showcase your brand through the power of Snapchat.

Grow your online presence, attract new prospective clients, and watch as your Snapcodes continue to get more views and click-throughs.