Is your website optimized for mobile users? If not, it’s time you start considering your users’ perspective. Put yourself in their shoes and think about which devices they’re using to find information online. Check out the infographic below to better understand why designing your website for mobile devices is so crucial to providing a satisfying “user experience.”

A guide to understanding the modern internet user…

  • 320 million North Americans use the Internet, equating to roughly 55 percent of its population.
  • 51 percent of people say thorough contact information is the most important lacking element of a website.
  • 57 percent of small to mid-sized businesses see updating their sites as a valuable investment.

Now let’s take a look at mobile…

  • Mobile sites that are 1 second faster increase conversion rates by 27 percent.
  • 52 percent of companies optimizing for mobile make a basic template that works on all devices.
  • 39 percent of companies optimizing for mobile create mobile responsive email templates
  • 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone.
  • 33 percent of consumers start mobile research with a branded website
  • 89 percent of mobile media time takes place on apps
  • 68 percent of companies have a dedicated mobile marketing strategy

It’s time to take advantage of the Mobile Age!

  • 61 percent of users hesitate to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing.
  • 40 percent will go to a competitor’s site instead
  • Mobile conversation rates are up 64 percent over average desktop conversion rates in 2017.

How to optimize your website for contemporary relevancy:

  • be Big, Bold & ObjectiveLeave them never questioning your intent upon first glance of your site!
  • It’s important to establish a typographic hierarchy. Consider UX above all!

MINIMIZE Load Times.

OPTIMIZE for Mobile.

BUILD an App.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re only falling behind. Optimize your website to attract users across all devices!