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Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Institute

Client’s Background

Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Institute (SVAI) is a Southampton-based practice founded and headed by the renowned interventional radiologist, Dr. Aaron Shiloh. Whether he’s treating skin problems, varicose veins, unwanted fat or hair loss, the name of Dr. Shiloh’s game is painlessness. He and his team specialize in a variety of treatments for an array of issues, the majority of which are non-surgical and require no recovery time.

Client’s Online Pain

Dr. Shiloh’s struggle was reflective of the issues faced by many doctors who want to see success in the digital age. His online presence was lacking, and that translated into lacking leads. Shiloh came to us in hopes that we’d be able to grow his overall online visibility, which would turn into phone calls at his practice.

Thus, we were tasked with the following goals:

  • Increase organic traffic by 50%
  • Increase organic new users by 50%
  • Spike mobile traffic by 30%
  • Uptick in tablet traffic by 30% Digital Agency’s Strategy
Dr. Shiloh’s goals were traffic-based, so this was going to primarily be a job for our SEO and content teams.

Our SEO department kicked things off by undergoing an extensive analytics analysis, during which they determined a series of optimal key search phrases that were relevant to SVAI. After auditing Dr. Shiloh’s existing website, as well as the sites of his competitors, they worked with him to conjure up those phrases.

After those terms were determined, it was time for the content team to take over. By continuously deploying those search terms into the web through consistent blog posts and press releases, Dr. Shiloh was able to show the internet and Google bots that his website was relevant and active, thus causing his visibility to increase for those respective search terms.

All the while, Digital Agency’s customer relations personnell kept in close communication with Dr. Shiloh to ensure his satisfaction and keep him in the loop every step of the way.

Dr. Shiloh’s results were exceptional, and surpassed his expectations on every front. These were the changes his website saw:

  • Organic traffic grew by 106.66%
  • Organic new users jumped up 124.50%
  • Mobile traffic spiked by 47.51%
  • Tablet traffic increased 42.80%

Dr. Shiloh couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of this campaign. He says that before hiring us, he struggled to attain patients, but now his phone rings off the hook, and he has a full staff in-house to support his activity.

Moral of the Story

Online visibility is important for doctors who want to succeed in this day and age, because traditional methods of doing business simply don’t ensure steady business for them these days. Dr. Shiloh is one of the best and brightest doctors in Greater Philadelphia, but that becomes meaningless if his potential patients can’t find him. By putting eyes in front of his website, we were able to fill the gap between patient and provider, and his business has grown exponentially because of it. Dr. Shiloh spent years working hard to become the best in his business, and by hiring Digital Agency, he was able to put his name in the ears of patients all over Greater Philadelphia who deserve to know about his exceptional services.

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