CASE STUDY How did help attract interest to a local credit union and help them dominate their market?

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union

Client’s Background

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union (PFFCU) has thirteen full service branch locations throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, including Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and New Jersey. Any active or retired police officer or firefighter, their family and co-workers are eligible to become members. Other businesses, organizations and individuals can also apply for a PFFCU membership. The credit union specialize in mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans and credit cards at impressively low rates. Great value is placed in the satisfaction of their customers and members through the emphasis of unmatchable Service, Value, Convenience and Trust.

Client’s Online Pain

Prior to seeking Digital Agency’s services, PFFCU concluded that their online presence was weak compared to other credit unions and big banks. Despite offering loans, mortgages and credit cards with lower rates, they weren’t bringing forth the number of customers and memberships they originally expected. Clearly, there was a disconnect between their appealing services and the audience they intended to reach. Needless to say, their exposure was skewed. Regardless of whether they were current members, or non-members simply looking to open a checking account, they needed more people to  visit their site and walk through the doors of each of their thirteen branch locations. Let’s take a closer look at their goals:

  • Increase organic new users by 30%
  • Increase leads by 30%
  • Increase organic mobile traffic by 25% Digital Agency’s Strategy

Right off the bat, our SEO team researched search terms that would directly correlate with those people use to find the lowest mortgage, loan, checking or credit card rates throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Our content team followed up by including the relative phrases in well-researched and knowledgeable online content. This, in turn, would allow PFFCU obtain a much stronger online presence through informative, written content. To target members of the credit union who hadn’t signed up for other services, our PPC team used Google Customer Match targeting within search campaigns. This help  PFFCU prevent any of their members from going elsewhere if they didn’t know that PFFCU offered a particular service.

In order for PFFCU to quickly bridge the gap between their desired customer-base and available services, we needed to make the connection between what the credit union had to offer and what people were frequently searching for on the internet. Instead of choosing another credit union or bank with less desirable rates, we needed to help customers discover PFFCU’s services through online inquiries.


  • Organic traffic increased 8.97% in less than one year
  • Organic new users increased 8.35% in less than one year
  • Mobile traffic increased 13.93% in less than one year
  • Washington township traffic increased 77.20% in less than one year

The new digital strategy implemented by Digital Agency successfully attracted more interest in PFFCU’s services. They now have a higher number of people signing up to finance and refinance mortgages. In addition, more people are submitting loan equity applications and a higher number of non-members are signing up for checking accounts.

Moral of the Story

Bridging the gap between high-ranking search terms and a client’s available services will always lead to online exposure.

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