How Digital Agency Shows KS Pools & Patios How to Keep Business Going Swimmingly by Targeting a Specific Audience

KS Pools and Patios

Client’s Online Pain

While the word-of-mouth reputation of KS Pools & Patios is exceptionally strong, their online presence was rather weak when they sought out 1SEO for help. Their clients were always very happy with their service, which in turn resulted in referrals; however, they sought to attract new customers through their website.

They asked us to generate more leads in the form of phone calls and contact forms while stressing the importance of quality over quantity. Their main goal was to gain a new valuable client base to seek out their variety of services. Digital Agency’s Strategy

Our strategy was to match the top-tier quality of KS Pools & Patios’ elite service with a class-A website design. By giving off an essence of elegance and sophistication through the site, we allowed the company to draw in customers who have been searching for the superior outdoor living environments that they have to offer.

Since their clientele is primarily wealthy, a large majority of customers have smart phones and tablets that they use to access the internet. Therefore, another part of our strategy was to make the website more mobile-friendly. High-end websites should be able to easily be reached and accessed through cell phones; so we prioritized transitioning the new crispness of the website to a mobile format as well.

Here are the steps we took to make the website appealing and attractive for prospective customers:

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation
Optimizing: The first step of our plan was to create a revamped website that was attractive to mobile search engines and users alike. We built 26 landing pages, eventually optimizing 9 of them based on our keyword research. We performed this research by using tools like SEMrush, Keyword Spy, and Google Trends. We supplemented back-end optimization with elegant, informative content that evoked KS Pools & Patios’ level of sophistication as a custom landscape specialist.

Focusing on Demographics: To target the optimal audience, we split up keywords based on our client’s customer demographics. According to our research, users with the highest potential to become quality leads searched for specific high-end features when looking for pool renovation and outdoor landscape companies. For example, the preferred client base searched for companies that specialize in infinity pools, gazebos, and cabanas. We stayed away from general terms such as “pool repairs” and “masonry,” since they tended to attract a lower-end audience. Additionally, we used local search term modifiers to stay within our client’s desired geographical radius.

Phase 2: Building an Immersive Experience
Prioritizing Visuals: This campaign was heavily focused on visuals. Within the site’s design, we simplified the company’s logo and harmonized the rest of the site with its color scheme to create a pleasing immediate impression. We also incorporated illustrative photographs on every page on the site.

Making Designs Mobile-Friendly: We made sure that the site’s codes and visuals were adjusted for a flawless, conversion-friendly experience on mobile devices. The client’s call tracking number was front-and-center on the client’s home page, giving users click-to-call capability. We also added a “Contact Us” tab to the side of the page that allows users to pull up a contact form (complete with captcha to dissuade bots) simply by swiping. Additionally, the client’s contact information and social media buttons were placed at the top and bottom of each page to persuade users to explore further on their existing social media apps.

Highlighting the 3D Page: The pièce de résistance of KS Pools & Patios’ site was their Custom 3D Design page. This page showcased a core selling point of the client’s service: their ability to create three-dimensional visuals of the final landscaping idea before beginning the project. With the addition of this page, users were able to see images of 3D designs overlaid atop photographs of the final products. Not only did having this page in place showcase the client’s extensive design and construction capabilities, but it also served as concrete proof of their services’ superiority to what their competitors were offering.


Our results show the increase in quality customers for our client:

Over the course of six months, our efforts netted a total of 363 unique calls from KS Pools & Patios’ website:

  • Of those, 324 of those calls came from organic search
  • 69 came from paid advertising. In order to count calls as a lead, however, we only considered those from first-time callers that lasted at least. 60 seconds. By this metric, 39 phone leads came from paid advertising

Additionally, our client garnered 110 contact form submissions from their site:

  • 51 from organic search
  • 44 from paid search
  • 10 from direct search
  • 5 from referrals

Year-over-year, we saw a significant surge in traffic: Total sessions increased from 2,954 to 6,602, and new users increased from 2,192 to 4,924.

Moral of the Story

When looking for potential clients, it’s important to prioritize quality over quantity. Attract the ideal customers you’re looking for by highlighting high-end features of your products and showcasing what sets you apart from any other company.

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