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Client’s Background

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) is a Hamilton, NJ-based non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about gambling disorders and to help addicted gamblers access the support, treatment and hope that they need to begin recovery. The Council operates a 24/7, confidential hotline, 1-800-GAMBLER, through which problem gamblers and/or their loved ones can find Gamblers Anonymous meetings and other resources. Their website,, hosts a cache of literature on problem gambling.


Client’s Online Pain

CCGNJ’s online pain is unique in that it will most likely never go away. Why? Because problematic gambling stems from the human condition. It’s a disorder that resides in people, and addressing it with digital marketing isn’t the same as achieving the kinds of goals every digital marketer typically sets out to for his or her clients. CCGNJ doesn’t want to simply make money, increase conversions, drive traffic, etc. Instead, they are driven by idealism and fueled by their desire to make the world a better place (pardon the cliche) by doing their best to rid it of an affliction that devastates so many people.

During no other time of the year is problematic gambling more prevalent and destructive than the beginning of the NFL playoffs and the conclusion of the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament (January-April). Given that, CCGNJ sought to direct those in need of help during those months to local Gamblers Anonymous meetings via the Find a Help Meeting page on their website. Digital Agency’s Strategy

We took a truly integrated approach with this client. Our strategy encompassed everything from website optimization to boosted videos on social media to pivoting off of radio spots — not to mention a meticulously-devised and very carefully managed PPC campaign —  in order to ultimately create a user experience that was both encouraging and sensitive to the nature of the problematic gambler’s plight. Furthermore, everything from 1SEO was implemented with the timeframe and target audience’s seasonal habits in mind. To boil it down to a single idea,though, we built this strategy around micro moments.

Here’s an outline of the plan we had to help this client achieve their online goals:

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

  • Content – Through developing optimized content such as web pages, blogs, and press releases, we wanted to adhere to our in-house best practices for building online authority. However, by incorporating the right messaging in those pieces while also creating other content like infographics and animated videos, we wanted grab problematic gamblers who found each piece and educate them.
  • Social Media – By creating engaging posts with relevant messaging on a daily basis, we wanted to cultivate a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ that sent the right signals to search engines and followers alike. Furthermore, we wanted to strategically boost certain posts each time an opportunity presented itself to get significant traction.
  • PPC – With smart display advertising and remarketing advertising, our PPC team put CCGNJ in front of the right people at the right time.
  • SEO – The bread and butter of any successful digital marketing campaign, our SEO strategy for this client revolved around leveraging micro moments by targeting highly-competitive keywords and directing their searchers to the appropriate place. For example, we wanted to steer traffic for the search terms “how to gamble online” to our client’s Find a Meeting page.



Another year, another tremendous spike in online success for 1SEO & CCGNJ.

Here’s the SEO story by the numbers:

  • 30% increase in organic traffic
  • 57% increase in mobile traffic
  • Client’s site currently organically  ranks for more than 1,200 keywords
    • 84% of all targeted keywords on the first page of Google search results
    • 79% of all targeted keywords on the first page of Bing search results

And this is how it looks on the PPC side:

  • 67% increase in interaction rate
  • 64% increase in conversion rate
  • 102% increase in paid search conversions
  • 62% decrease in cost-per-conversion

Those results are undoubtedly exceptional. However, the real success here was the 75% traffic increase we generated for CCGNJ’s Find a Help Meeting page.


Moral of the Story

Finding people when they need you most is the key success online.

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