Blanton’s Air, Pumbing & Electric

Client’s Background

Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric started as a small HVAC business in the Fayetteville, NC area in 1951. Over 60 years later, the family-owned company has stayed close to its roots, valuing its founder’s dedication to honesty and quality work.

Client’s Online Pain

Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric was doing well enough with their business, but they aspired to something greater. However, they had several hurdles to overcome. The rest was that while they were spending a few dollars on online marketing, their tracking mechanisms were virtually nonexistent. As such, they were unable to detect any marginal increase in their business, making it impossible to determine the efficacy of their spending.

Secondly, the client desired to be the most preferred contractor in their market for all of the services that they offer. While they were high in the search rankings for their HVAC services, the same could not be said for their plumbing and electrical offerings.

Lastly, they desperately needed to find great technicians to work for them so that they could continue to expand the scope of their services. It would take an expert in the field of digital marketing to help them achieve these lofty goals. Digital Agency’s Strategy

In January 2017, Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric came to Digital Agency ready to go for the gusto to achieve their goals and decided to increase their spend by 215.96%. Since they were already ranking well organically for HVAC, we primarily focused our PPC and SEO campaigns on bolstering their electrical and plumbing services in the rankings. We meticulously tracked every aspect of their campaign, including PPC conversions and revenue generated from PPC leads, allowing the client to see the direct results of their investment.

On the SEO side, we generated 50 highly specified local keywords that placed an emphasis on residential plumbing and electrical services that had the highest relevance in their target radius around Fayetteville. Not only did our digital marketers dig deep into the available data to find the strongest keywords that would improve their rankings for these services, but they also made sure that each one was mapped to the most logical page on the client’s website. We recommended several new pages to facilitate this process, thereby improving the end-user experience and increasing the likelihood of a lead converting into a sale.

For the PPC campaign, we first clearly defined our client’s needs inside of a contained 20-mile radius around Fayetteville. Based on the information we gathered, we built a campaign to help them dominate this market. We created custom ads that zeroed in on their target demographic that also corresponded with landing pages on the client’s website. We then further segmented the campaign based on the available data and created micro-targeted ad groups to maximize ROI while minimizing costs. Additionally, we implemented numerous extensions, including call, call out, site link, location, and structural snippet extensions to ensure that we’ve utilized all available tools to provide relevant information to secure our client’s success both online and offline.


In just four short months, Digital Agency was able to make huge strides for Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric. In fact, their campaign was so wildly successful that the company received a massive influx of calls for plumbing services, added three new trucks to their fleet, and hired two more electricians to meet the rapidly growing demand for their services. Compared to the same four-month timeframe in 2016:

  • Conversions increased a whopping 621.88%
  • Conversion rate increased 243.53%
  • Cost per conversion decreased 55.27%

Moral of the Story

When you commit to your company’s success, and you have a superior partner in digital marketing, amazing things can happen. By increasing their budget, the client’s cost per conversion actually decreased, and the company flourished at unprecedented levels.

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