CASE STUDY How did form a mobile solution that increased traffic by over 200%?

Alan Cherry Exteriors

Client’s Background

Alan Cherry’s Exteriors is a Camden County, NJ-based home improvement company that has been in business for over 40 years. They install and repair roofs, siding, and windows, as well as remodel kitchens and bathrooms. The company also helps customers who have suffered from storm damage with their fast and efficient roofing, siding, and hail damage repair services.

Even though they are a locally-owned and operated company, Alan Cherry’s Exteriors has always wanted to do more than serve their NJ customers. Specifically, they wanted to expand their customer base to Eastern Pennsylvania and Washington D.C., and find an effective way to communicate that they are available for Storm Damage services 24/7.

Client’s Online Pain

One of the many things that plagued Alan Cherry’s Exteriors’ previous efforts to construct a solid online presence was that their website was not properly optimized. Furthermore, their website lacked a responsive design, and thus required an overhaul to ensure it offered the superior user experience that Google requires to allow sites to perform well. To add to the issue, the client had virtually no way of letting potential customers know they were open to performing installations, repairs, and also storm damage repairs outside of their home state. In under a year with Digital Agency, they hoped to not only enhance the look of their site but also:

  • Increase traffic seen from their home state, but also Pennsylvania and DC by 50%, respectively.
  • Increase their Organic, Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet traffic by at least 15%.
  • Make it immediately known to all customers that they offer Storm Damage services and see conversions from that effort as soon as possible. Digital Agency’s Strategy

To help Alan Cherry’s Exteriors’ see a rapid return on investment, our team of PPC specialists immediately stepped in and created a specific “Storm Damage” PPC campaign. Our PPC specialists determined that the conversion rate for this campaign would be much higher than others they would create, and would also have a lower cost per conversion. This campaign was activated only during inclement weather, and then paused a few days after the weather passed.

While our PPC specialists worked quickly to establish Alan Cherry’s Exteriors’ online presence, our website design/development, SEO, and content teams worked together to shape the company’s website into something worth occupying. Ultimately, our website design/development team provided the framework and responsive design needed for our SEO team to reinforce Alan Cherry’s Exteriors organic objectives. Our content team also strengthened our SEO team’s efforts by writing optimized content with search terms that spoke to Alan Cherry’s Exteriors target audience. Once all of this was implemented, we constructed monthly blogs and press releases to help ensure the foundation we built was kept strong.


Since onboarding with us, Alan Cherry’s Exteriors’ traffic has soared, and the company is getting three times as many leads through our SEO initiatives as they originally hoped for. In under a year the company’s:

  • Desktop Traffic has increased by 34%
  • Mobile Traffic has increased by 206%
  • Tablet Traffic has increased by 64%
  • Organic Traffic has increased by 16%
  • New Jersey Traffic has increased by 118%
  • Pennsylvania Traffic has increased by 56%
  • DC Traffic has increased by 322%

Their “Storm Damage” PPC campaign has also yielded wondrous results:

  • Their Click-through rate is a sensational 2.57%
  • Their Conversion rate is a magnificent 6.14%

Moral of the Story

The moral of this story? Responsiveness is key. If you hit the ground running and take the time needed to build your online marketing campaign right, traffic, and those coveted leads, will come.

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