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In the evolving digital landscape, the focus has transitioned to user experience. While there are many factors taken into account, the experience starts with your page load speed.

With information at our fingertips, we want to see results instantly. When your customers are looking for products or services and visit your website, how long does it take for your page to load? Every second counts. The ideal speed is two seconds, and if your users have to wait longer for your page to load, you’re losing sales.

Countless websites have similar information as the material you’re providing. One of the most efficient ways to ensure your load speed is providing a commendable customer experience through your theme. As one of the top web design companies, we incorporate a user-friendly experience with exceptional load times that drive business. We know how creative and unique you want your website to look, but be careful that the theme you choose isn’t damaging your site’s experience.

When you utilize our free website page speed test and think you deserve a higher score, we’ll tell you some factors that contributed to your score to help you reach the level you desire. Page load time is a ranking factor that takes into account your user experience.

When testing your site, our free tool takes various aspects into consideration. From HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images and server response time, even the best design or most useful content can be tarnished due to the time it takes to load your page.

In the competitive digital marketplace, you can’t afford to have potential customers abandon you before they even see your site. Websites that load in five seconds have over a 100% higher bounce rate than those pages that load in one second.

Using a bulky code and leaving your images unoptimized will also affect your load time. Images that are too large or too high of resolution will slow down the page rendering. Plus, if you have installed numerous plugins and widgets to try and create a more customized and unique experience for your users, that might be hindering the speed of the page and could deter users from your site before it even loads.

If your score isn’t what you expected, we will provide you with a thorough site audit to ensure you’re following the best practices and alert you to issues that could be lowering your score.



The free testing tool is provided for your benefit. We want you to have the best possible website and offer your visitors the best experience so they keep coming back. Your site should load in the same amount of time across all platforms, from mobile to desktop. As mobile is increasing in relevance, the test will help you determine the next steps to take to increase your brand relevance online.

Let the digital experts at Digital Agency help improve the speed of your website page. You want your visitors to stay on the page and funnel through to conversions. You don’t want users bouncing immediately due to your page loading at a snail’s pace. Test how fast your page loads, and contact us to reach your internet marketing goals. Your success starts with a great first impression.

Free Page Speed Testing Tool

The time it takes to load your page shouldn’t be overlooked, as it is crucial to the success of your SEO campaign. At Digital Agency, we provide national and local search marketing services, and handle all of your digital marketing needs. From your website to your hosting to your marketing of on and off-page factors, we take control.

Delving deep into the metrics and testing all aspects of your site, we make sure you increase your page speed score and deliver your visitors a quality experience.

Getting rid of the clutter on your website and providing relevant content to clearly explain what the page is targeting, you’ll be seen as more relevant for particular searches on the topic. Your website is a large investment and the effort to place images and written content takes a lot of time. If it takes too long to load, you’re not maximizing your website’s potential.

It’s a ranking factor that affects your organic results and your Adwords Quality Score. Page speed is a critical component of each landing page, and the amount of visitors who engage with your brand will strengthen your domain.

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