With physical media on its way out, streaming services are on the rise. One popular music streaming service is Google Play Music.

Let’s take a look at all of the information we currently have on Google’s music strategy and what Google Play Music subscribers can expect moving forward.

How Does the Current Subscription Work?

As we mentioned before, Google has two music streaming services: Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Google Play Music launched in 2011, and four years later in 2015, YouTube Music made its debut.

Users could stream select music for free with ads or pay $10 a month for a subscription to Google Play, granting users with an even better ad-free listening experience with a few additional perks. One of these perks was a YouTube Red account, granting subscribers with an ad-free YouTube experience, which also comes with its own perks.

If you were a Google Play Music subscriber, you were given a YouTube Red account. If you signed up for a YouTube Red account, you were given a Google Play Music subscription. Basically, you buy one, and you get both for a total of $10/month.

Now What?

Things started to shake up a bit when Google released a revamped YouTube Music in May of 2018. And because Google Play Music’s development merged with the YouTube Music team quite some time ago, we can see why subscribers to these services might be a little confused.

In conclusion, the Google Play Music app is transitioning to YouTube Music. However, now there are two separate subscriptions:

YouTube Music Premium – $9.99

  • Ad-free music
  • Listen in the background (can minimize app or turn screen off without interrupting music)
  • Downloads

Along with the aforementioned perks, YouTube Premium ($11.99/month), also comes with:

  • Ad-free video
  • Play in the background
  • Downloads
  • All YouTube Originals

Lucky YouTube Red account holders were able to lock in YouTube Premium at just $9.99.

Should I Cancel My Google Play Music Subscription?

Google Play Music, for the time being, is not going anywhere. Various news sites and reps for Google have stated that until they are 100% sure of Google Play Music’s replacement, users can continue using the service as usual. Fortunately, its features will be integrated into YouTube Music; there is just no definitive date yet for when that integration will take place.

Will It Be Easy to Transition From OneService to the Other?

Yes. In fact, all of your collections, playlists, and preferences will carry over to YouTube Music. Product manager for both YouTube Music and Google Play Music, Elias Roman, also wanted to share that users will still be able to upload their own music when the inevitable switch is made to YouTube Music. Roman goes on to say, “We know that Amazon Music just recently got rid of user upload, and we want to make it clear that Google is not following suit. YouTube Music is going to take on all of the key features that users have come to love with their Google Play Music subscriptions.”  

Is there Anything Else I Need to Know to Prepare for the Transition?

When the time finally arrives where Google completely phases out Google Play Music for YouTube Music, subscribers can rest assured that Google will streamline the user experience while the functionality will remain the same, if not improved.

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If you’re a Google Play Music subscriber, how do you feel about the transition? Excited? Anxious? Upset? Leave our Philadelphia AdWords agency a comment below and let us know!