According to an article published on Search Engine Journal, Facebook says that version 2.2 of its Messenger platform will include a highly demanded customer chat plugin. In Facebook’s own words, the feature is intended to help businesses “reach customers in new and engaging ways”–and it certainly looks promising.  

Ultimately, the Messenger chat plugin will open doors for conversation between businesses and customers, which would take place between their websites and Facebook Messenger. This means a conversation can start on a business’s website and then move seamlessly to Messenger, or vice versa, without affecting the chat history.

And the same conversation thread may continue between a website and Messenger, making it easier for customers to keep in contact with businesses. The new chat plugin is built for desktop, mobile and tablet, while also supporting existing capabilities on Messenger, like payments and rich media.

Although version 2.2 is currently only available in closed beta, businesses that want to start using the Messenger chat plugin can join the waitlist by completing this form. Meanwhile, here are a few advantages that you can look forward to:

Quickly answer questions from potential customers.

Although business owners and marketers alike strive to develop web content that fully encompasses the services they offer, there are still questions that customers may have before deciding to make a purchase or fill out a contact form.

And that’s where the Messenger chat plugin comes into play. This feature allows you to quickly respond to users who simply need more information before taking the next step. This way, you can eliminate any confusion and intervene before they hit the back button to check out another provider.

Remain in contact with users.

Whether potential customers convert shortly after starting a conversation on your site or not–as long as the experience was positive–they may be more inclined to return after doing more research or shopping around.

This is where the Messenger chat plugin can work to improve your customer service experience. We live in a world where people are accustomed to the instant gratification of the Internet–which includes quick answers to any of the issues we may face.

Therefore, your ability to be there for consumers when they need you most will likely help to create a positive perception of your brand amongst your audience. That said, you have the chance to form trusted relationships with users via personalized assistance, encouraging them to return in the future when they need the specific services you offer.

Refine your business strategy by monitoring conversations.

By filling a void that often exists between company websites and potential customers, Messenger makes it easier for you to connect with users that may be hesitant about moving forward. As you integrate this feature into your marketing efforts, it’s crucial that you evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

For example, if you’re explaining how your products work or how you go about completing particular services in a way that’s not generating conversions, perhaps you’d figure out a way that’s less complex. Another example would be if a large number of users ask about a product that you don’t have listed on your site, you might consider including it in the future.

The data you collect on the conversations you have with customers can be used to improve how you interact with your audience, as well as your overall business strategy. All in all, this is just one more feature that will allow you to connect with customers on a personal level, giving you a better understanding of your audience as a whole.

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