Are You Looking to Reach New Customers on a National Scale?

Our team of digital experts generates results that expand your reach online.

Identifying Your Target Market & Implementing a Strategy to Reach New Customers

You need a long-term strategy to expand your business, especially in a national market. Through thorough research and planning, you’ll expand your reach and gain new clientele through advanced visibility.

Our strategies are comprehensive and we take an overall approach to deliver you a steady stream of traffic to reach new customers and grow your company. Our marketing efforts are customized to meet your goals.

  • Custom website design to provide a user-friendly experience and easy navigation.
  • Complete analysis of any competitor to see how they’re performing online.
  • Extensive research to find keywords that will convert for your audience.
  • Finding ways to attract new customers towards the end of the buying cycle.
  • Writing and creating content that adds value and can be easily consumed.
  • Paid advertising and social media marketing to attract users on various channels.
  • Building backlink profile to add authority.

In order to reach new customers, it’s imperative that you’re found online. You can’t beat out competitors on a national level without a digital marketing plan in place. Our experts are committed to your brand and your product, developing a unique and comprehensive strategy that keeps your company in front of your audience’s eyes.

Getting You to the Top of Results

It’s important to note that over 70% of potential customers are only looking at the first few results in the search results. With paid AdWords ads taking up the first four positions, the real estate to get yourself noticed and reach new customers is dwindling.

We find the phrases that will convert for your brand, no matter the industry you’re in. When you’re selling products on a national scale, ranking matters. Both through your Quality Score to get prime placement in the ads, as well as building an organic presence, we make sure you’re getting to the top of search results.

Our case study shows results for a national beauty supply company. Over a one-year period, the Digital Agency team increased their revenue by 200% while increasing their traffic by 91%. In that year period, the company saw a 71% increase in organic rankings.

We manage strategic campaigns to increase your rankings and conversion rates.

Cutting Through the Clutter & Competition

The internet brings the world closer and connects customers with brands like yours in just a few clicks. Our goal is to minimize those clicks and get them to your site right away. About 90% of online experiences begin with a search, and when you depend on sales you must be present.

In order to succeed online and cut through the clutter to beat your competition, you must focus on a digital campaign.

We lay the foundation for your campaign, gathering information and planning a winning strategy to perform better than your competitors. With a strategy in place, we implement and optimize all aspects of your site’s architecture. The process is never-ending as we are continually updating and modifying your campaign for the best experience.

You face a steep competition and our priority is to ensure you’re able to reach new customers. We focus on turning those visitors into customers. Start strengthening your online presence today!

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