Just when you think social media advertising can’t get any better, Facebook proves us wrong again. Yes, Facebook advertising has stepped up and rolled out a quicker and easier way for potential leads to contact your business without having to leave their app.

These new ads slowly came out earlier this year, but have just recently began peaking advertiser’s interests.

First, let’s dive into some of the latest statistics of 2016, brought to us by ZEPHORIA. The main reason companies are turning to Facebook advertising is simply due to the fact of its sheer volume of active users. How much volume you ask? Well, over 1.7 billion active users worldwide, and that is on a monthly basis according to ZEPHORIA’s Facebook Statistics. Out of that, 1.13 billion are actively logging into Facebook every day.

With this information, Facebook understands that users logging in want to stay logged in, which in the past was an obstacle for advertisers. Businesses wanted to grab the user’s attention and obtain their interests enough to convert via their ads.

The main issue, however, is that users did not want to leave Facebook at the moment an ad appeared. If interested in the content of the ad, they would visit the advertiser’s site directly, whether at the moment or at a later date.

Lead Generation Ads for a Customized Experience

Those days have come to pass, and now you can utilize what Facebook is calling “Lead Generation Ads”. These ads allow users to fill out information directly from the Facebook interface without having to leave the app.

Strategies such as newsletter sign-ups and contact information can all be entered directly within the ads on Facebook. The forms available for these ads are completely customizable to the advertiser’s preferences, which makes the conversion process even shorter and easier for users.

Facebook offers tutorials and tips for advertisers who are interested in utilizing these Lead Generation Ads, which you can find here.

With a name like “Lead Generation,” Facebook has sparked our interest, but what exactly does lead generation mean? In Facebook’s exact words “Lead generation is the building up of interest in a business’s products or services. To do this, businesses often create campaigns that encourage consumers to fill out a form with their contact information.”

Facebook offers various data tracking insights in regards to these lead generation ads, such as your ads CTR (click through rate) and cost per lead or conversion, but it also allows you to see the amount of message replies. This will help you follow up with the potential prospect who showed interest and further increase the chance of conversion.


Adjusting Your Strategy for Targeted Leads

If Lead Generation Ads are not already part of your social advertising strategy, it is time to make the change. Facebook again offers tips, best practices and step by step implementation instructions. So, if you’re currently successful with your social media advertising the lead generation approach would be a great complement to your current strategy.

When your social media profiles are lacking the engagement from your desired customers, the advancements offered from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat allow you to  target and retarget your potential customers.

Your audience is living on social media platforms. How are you reaching them? Fine tune your strategy and implement lead generation ads. It will enhance your presence on social media, reach new customers, and increase your return on investment.