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Content is created for both your users and the search engines. The way you use your words is factored into the value of your webpage in search. With the ever-changing algorithms and focus on user experience, your content can’t be stuffed with keywords that offer zero substance for your user. They want valuable, unique information about your company, and our free keyword density checker makes sure you are distributing your keywords efficiently through the page.

One of our many free SEO tools, the keyword density analyzer informs you of how effectively you’re using your keywords. There is no set density that correlates to positive ranking and visibility in search. Writing natural copy on the subject of the key phrases and insertions relevant to the page will generate high results.

Using our analyzer tool will alert you if you’re stuffing key phrases into your content, helping you make the necessary changes before being hit by a manual spam action or a Google Panda Penalty. At Digital Agency, our extensive list of services includes copywriting and SEO link building services to strengthen your domain.

Our tool provides you with all the relevant information surrounding your keywords. Once you enter the desired URL, either your homepage or an interior page, the checker will display all words on the page and the amount of instances each is used. Through our tools, we help your website remain strong and alert you to areas you need to focus on. You can check keyword rankings in an additional tool, and learn how your website is performing.

Our free keyword density analyzer allows you to see if you’re overusing your keywords on a particular page, and even check to see how your competitors are using their keywords. Through our internet marketing efforts, our goal is to create a lasting campaign through relevant keywords that leverage your website over your competition. Gain insight to the page you already have and tweak the content using our checker as a guide.

We strive to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience, and we show you how to take control of your website. Does your content need some help? Are you seeing a high percentage of keywords on a single page of content? We can help you get exactly what you need on your page.

Results Will Be Displayed As

With the provided URL, you will see your page information, including:

  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Total Word Count
  • All Text
  • Two-Word Phrases
  • Three-Word Phrases

If you sign on with our web design company, we deliver a user-friendly approach to the creative side and the technical side, assuring a positive experience for both your users and the search engines. Taking advantage of our analyzer can help you gain an advantage over your competition. Digital Agency formulates a strategy and works with your best interests in mind. We’ll perform the necessary research and implement the appropriate amount of keywords into your website’s content. It’s important that you have a dedicated page for each phrase that relates to a different service. Our landing page experts will help you map out the appropriate pages for your keywords, assisting you in the process of creating content that isn’t overly optimized.

The thorough report you’re presented with when utilizing our free keyword density tool will help you determine what steps need to be taken to increase your search engine rankings. When you need help with distributing your keywords and avoiding over-optimization, speak to one of our experts today.

Keyword Density Analyzer

As searches are getting more complex with voice search and other avenues, key phrases are becoming more common, and local modifiers are used to let users and search engines know where your business is conducted. We strategize to provide the most relevant results for particular queries. Our conversion rate optimization services utilize various strategies, taking your keyword density into account to ensure maximum results.

Content for the purposes of SEO and high rankings focuses on engaging the audience. You want to establish yourself as an authority in your industry by adding value to your readers. We have a team of SEO copywriters that can write, review and edit your content to ensure you’re within the proper guidelines and density that our experts look for in a web page.


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