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Datto Backup Solutions to Secure and Simplify Your Business

Growing businesses of all sizes are adopting Datto technologies to safeguard their networks and streamline for future growth. With a selection of Datto backup products available, 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing is your source for the best data recovery solutions that managed service providers can offer.

We have a selection of Datto products to meet the needs of any business, including:

Datto ALTO 3: Reliable, Affordable Protection for Small Businesses

Datto SIRIS 3: Scalable, Integrated, Total-Data Ransomware Protection

Datto NAS: Scalable, Network-Attached Storage & Restoration Solution

The Incredible Benefits of Datto Backup Technologies

Unlike other backup solutions which only save your data, business continuity solutions from Datto capture and retain your entire network. So, if your business is attacked by ransomware or your physical servers or network are destroyed, you can still recover your downed servers.


  • Advanced Ransomware Detection
  • Unified Business Continuity
  • Secure Data Backups & Restoration



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Five Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Datto Backup Devices

How secure is the data once it leaves the Datto device?

From the Datto device to the cloud, all data is fully AES-256 encrypted, both in transit and at rest in our secure data center.

How secure is the data center?

The entire datacentre perimeter is protected with automatic gates that restrict access to authorized personnel only. The datacentre operates 24x7x365 and is constantly monitored by closed-circuit television and onsite security teams as well as hi-res cameras that line both the interior and exterior of the facility. The first point of access into the facility and mantrap is by keycard, and the secondary point of access is a biometric fingerprint reader. Each pod of the datacentre requires biometric confirmation to enter

Who do I call for assistance with my Datto device?

For customer support for your Datto device, you can call 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing at 215-946-1046 ext. 9000.

What happens if my Datto device is damaged or destroyed?

In the event your Datto device becomes inoperable, we will virtualize your servers from the latest backup to keep your business running with minimal interruption. We will then send you a replacement device at no charge if the device is still under warranty.

Does my Datto device come with a warranty?

Each Datto device comes with a minimum 3-year warranty. Ask your representative from 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing for the specific warranty details for your Datto device.

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