Having a poor wireless connection in the warehouse can hurt productivity and lead to inefficiencies with your employees. Your day-to-day operations depend on a constant connection. Your Wi-Fi must support the requirements of your operations.

What kind of wireless problems will inform you that you need a new wireless network design for decreased downtime?

  • Inconsistencies Depending on Location in Warehouse
  • Scanners Freezing or Losing Signals When Used
  • Slow Wireless Transactions
  • Mobile Devices Often Need Rebooting
  • Inadequate Wireless Capacity
  • Poor Hardware Quality

The first step in your warehouse connectivity is to improve your inventory management process. If your RF gun is not scanning, you may need a new management system or barcode scanner. When it comes to tracking products or machines, the right system is required.

For increased productivity and less downtime, how can you fix the Wi-Fi problems in your warehouse?

Determining the Infrastructure Needed

When you’re making the decisions in your warehouse, you need to understand how to use and utilize wireless technology.

Understand what technology is available for your warehouse to determine what systems you need to solve a particular problem. For network troubleshooting in NJ and surrounding areas, you need to find the optimal placement of access points and antennas.

To determine the infrastructure you need, know your environment. Think of the area you’re covering with your Wi-Fi and conduct a proper site survey to figure out the best outcome for your Wi-Fi network.

Then, determine the right type of antenna you need for maximum performance. From a directional antenna that focuses your RF in a single direction for reduced interference to omnidirectional antennas that cover all directions equally, you’ll need to find the purpose of your antenna for the best coverage.

Go through your warehouse and make improvements to your infrastructure when you understand the technology that solves your connection problems.


Planning & Scaling for Capacity

As you’re adding more devices and covering larger areas, the wireless network in your warehouse needs to adapt and grow to support your technology. In order to scale and plan for future capacity, you require expert network design services in New Jersey.

We call this the stock effect. Different materials inside your warehouse are affecting the performance of your Wi-Fi. Make sure your design is planned out in the beginning as you look to expand and grow your warehouse.

It’s important to note that the physical environment of your warehouse doesn’t make it very easy to design a reliable network. When it comes to the planning and scaling of your network, the layout of the warehouse, the machines used and the material of the racks must be taken into consideration for the proper WLAN design.

Troubleshooting Your Network

You don’t need downtime. Downtime affects production. Downtime loses money. Quickly pinpoint the source of a problem with network troubleshooting.

To ensure the best performance and quick troubleshooting, your warehouse should be managed by a central dashboard that monitors every aspect of your network.

A central, single dashboard will ensure everything is performing as expected, limiting negative impact on the network. Due to wireless connectivity issues, many warehouse workers are unable to complete their work within the desired timeframe.

Troubleshooting is made easier when you have a site survey or analysis to determine signal strength or redundancy. Losing RF connectivity is a major issue seen by warehouses throughout the country, and it takes effective troubleshooting to limit the effects of these issues.


With an RF engineer and technician’s collective data and learning signal strength, you will analyze a cost-effective plan to build on your existing platform, delivering fewer access points when positioned properly.

Wi-Fi has improved the efficiency of warehouse management, making voice and data communications an essential aspect of your operations. As personal devices are competing for bandwidth on the Wi-Fi network throughout the warehouse, your analysis must take into account the number of devices connected to the network throughout the day.

An effective analysis will eliminate the frustration from employees who are unable to get their job done due to problems with the RF connectivity and devices not scanning. Ensure you maintain a sufficient bandwidth to handle all voice traffic without any delay.

Knowing your signals and wireless channels help you to determine where any problems lie and options you have to correct any issues. Learn more about the risks your warehouse is facing, and contact us at 1SEO Technologies to help you with your RF connectivity and Wi-Fi network.