Even if you’re tight on cash, you can still get a great workout using some of the things you already have lying around at home. If you happen to have a giant tire or sledge hammer, you’re in luck!  Here are four workouts that you can try:  

 Workout #1

1. Lay the tire flat on the ground

2. Get in a squatted position

3. Grip the tire from the bottom

4. Lift it to a standing position and push it over, allowing the tire to fall

5. Quickly run to the other side and repeat 20-30 reps

Workout #2

1. Lay the tire flat

2. Take a sledge hammer and swing it over your left shoulder 20 times

3. Swing it over your right shoulder 20 times

4. Swing it over your head 20 times 

Adjust your grip if it’s too heavy by spreading your hands apart. You can also increase your workout intensity by swinging the hammer harder with less break in between.

Workout #3

1. Stand the tire straight up

2. Carefully sit in front of the tire facing the hole, while sticking both feet through the opening and keeping them elevated

3. Inch your butt close to the bottom of the tire

4. Lower the tire to your chest and press the tire upwards while keeping your core engaged

5. Depending on the weight (e.g., 175lb tire) press the tire 25 times, letting your elbows touch the ground

6. Do an additional 25, pushing the tire away hard enough for it to leave your hands 2-6 inches

7. Catch , lower your elbows to the ground, and press again

This impact will shock the muscle and promote growth.

Workout #4

1. Finally, sit on the tire with your feet secured on the inner portion of the rim

2. Hang your butt off the tire and do sets of decline sit-ups

3. Keep your chin pointed at the ceiling to keep core engaged

2-3 sets of 20 reps is ideal for this workout. 

Stay tuned for more health & fitness tips from our trainer!