With each passing year, technology is changing the way people consume media. In gaming, there is a shift toward virtual reality and cross-platform play, while Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have altered the way we watch our favorite television shows and movies.

Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify have revolutionized the way we listen to our music at home and on the go. You no longer need a GPS, as Google Maps and Waze provide accurate directions and traffic information from your smartphone.

As the media landscape is changing, marketers must change with it and tap into the potential that is found within these new avenues. Wondering how to grab the attention of someone who is close by or looking for a new product? Then find out how to stand-out from the pack by taking advantage of mobile micro-moments.


Everything can change in a second. In today’s interconnected world, this rings true for marketers. They only have a short period of time to rise above the competition to make an impression. A Microsoft study has found that the average attention span is eight seconds, one second shorter than the attention span of a goldfish.

So how do you go about catching one’s attention and making an impression during this time?

According to Google, there are four micro-moments that you should address with your content and mobile strategies.

1. I-want-to-know moments: These moments are the simple questions that we ask ourselves. Where do I start when remodeling a bathroom? What do I need in order to housetrain a puppy? What are some fun party games?

Brands that answer these questions in a clear and concise manner on a mobile platform, whether it’s on their mobile site or app, will have a higher rate of success.

2. I-want-to-go moments: Consumers who want to locate a new coffee shop or a find out where a record store is near them will want to know this information quickly. They will most likely make their plans with the help of their smartphones. Local searches are becoming increasingly popular and gearing your marketing strategy toward proximity and what people will be looking up at particular times will pay dividends.

Examples of this are people shopping more during the holiday season and searching for a bar or nightclub for the weekend.

Another great way of marketing for these I-want-to-go moments is having your business
or restaurant show up on Google Maps with a pin. By dropping a pin on this map,
consumers will act on their impulse to grab a bite to eat or buy new clothing based on
the convenience.

3. I-want-to-buy moments: Out of all the moments, the easiest for marketers to take advantage of is when people want to buy products.

Marketing professionals should focus on clues such as location, time and device when one. Do all you can to allow the customer to purchase whatever they need on mobile. Having your mobile site or app utilize app Google Wallet and Apple Pay creates a simplified checkout experience and boosts sales.

4. I-want-to-do moments: Many people search how to do something. Whether it’s doing construction on one’s home or learning how to restring a guitar. Step-by-step instructions
and how-to videos leave a lasting impact on consumers and
establish a brand’s authority.

Stand Out

With so many voices yelling out at you wanting to be heard, how do you get your company to stand out and make the most of your micro-moment? The best way is to create ads and campaigns that people will remember.

● Emotion: Appealing to emotion is an old, but effective technique. Pulling at one’s heartstrings or stirring their anger gets the consumer invested in what you are offering. Great examples of this are Budweiser’s Clydesdale commercials and Jeep’s “Whole Again” commercial which paid tribute to American soldiers and the sacrifice they and their families make.

● Shock and Awe: Your brand’s creativity can shine with shock and awe advertisement. These ads grab the consumer’s attention by utilizing sexuality, out-of-the-box ideas and extreme situations. Know your audience and the people you want to attract.

● Humor: Another memorable ad technique is using humor. Funny campaigns will make the consumer want to tell someone else and get in on the joke. Some examples of this are Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” and Kmart’s “Ship My Pants”. These two campaigns caused countless impersonations and people repeating their catchphrases.

Brave New World

With technology forcing a rapid shift toward mobile, you don’t want your brand to be left behind or not producing results.

Reaching consumers on mobile through exciting and memorable ads during these critical micro-moments is imperative. Embrace this way of thinking and you will be geared toward a prosperous future.