On Tuesday, May 24th, it was announced at the Google Marketing Next presentation that advertisers will soon be able to integrate Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 in AdWords. This means that advertisers will be able to perform A/B testing on components as specific as keywords. Even further, the integration allows users to merge consumer surveys with remarketing lists.

The Google Optimize integration, which completed beta towards the end of March, will provide advertisers with the opportunity to design and test landing pages that are customized for individual campaigns, ad groups or keywords. For example, a plastic surgeon could setup a landing page tailored for the query “CoolSculpting” and run a test against different before and after photos.

The experiment and personalization solution will be combining with Google Analytics. Users will have the ability to drag and drop different features of a website page in a visual editor, without ever having to use developer resources or change raw HTML.

There’s also a new report section that’s built into the new AdWord interface, which is now becoming available to more advertisers and will be rolled out to everyone by the end of 2017. This tool is another great way of helping users gather important information on mobile friendliness, bounce rates and conversion rates.  

Google Surveys 360 is a paid enterprise-level solution that’s included in the Analytics 360 product suite. Google offers a panel of over 10 million respondents and sends out millions of surveys every week. The Surveys 360 and AdWords integration enables users to factor these surveys into their remarketing lists to gain more information about why certain consumers respond positively to different marketing efforts, such as ads and landing pages.