It’s been going strong for 18 years, but Google AdWords is changing. What started as a simple platform with one goal in mind, to easily connect people with online businesses, has evolved into so much more. Today, Google AdWords grants marketers the opportunity to reach consumers not only through Google Search, but across many other channels, screens, and formats as well. While this platform growth has been exciting over the years, Google has come to realize that things are getting a little more complicated.

Therefore, beginning mid-July, Google AdWords is changing, and essentially rebranding their advertising products to Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. With these new brands in place, Google hopes that advertisers and publishers will be able to select the right solution for their company, which will, in turn, deliver the best experience for their audience across multiple devices and channels.  

Let’s dive into the three major changes and how they differ from the brands that Google currently has in place.

Google AdWords Will Now Be Google Ads

The new Google Ads will serve as “the front door for advertisers looking to purchase on all of Google’s surfaces,” says Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP of Google’s ad efforts.

For smaller businesses specifically, Google Ads will contain a new campaign type called Smart Campaigns. Smart Campaigns allow users to create ads in mere minutes while putting them in front of the right audience at the exact moment they are looking for the product or service. It also allows advertisers to prioritize the actions they desire (more store visits, phone calls, purchases), and in turn, Google Ads uses its machine learning to optimize all images, text and targeting to achieve those actions.

Moral of the story — Smart Campaigns is three times better at getting the results small business owners are looking for as compared to the old advertising technology that was once available.

Google Marketing Platform

Soon, enterprise marketing teams and PPC companies in Philadelphia and around the nation will be able to enjoy a more seamless experience, as DoubleClick advertiser products will converge with Google Analytics 360 under one single platform, Google Marketing Platform.

By bringing these two programs together, the new Google Marketing Platform allows users to better plan, buy, measure, and optimize their businesses’ digital media in one single location.

Another addition to Google Marketing Platform will be Display & Video 360. While there aren’t too many details available right now, Display & Video 360 will also combine features from various programs like Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, and the Studio and Audience Center for multiple teams to collaborate and execute ad campaigns.

Google Ad Manager

Grow ad revenue and protect your brand with the new Google Ad Manager, the third change coming to Google AdWords. With solutions available for every industry, Google Ad Manager is a unified platform that will combine Google’s monetization tools (DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers). Programmers that use Google Ad Manager will soon be able to more effectively manage their business with greater control over ad sales, ad formats, and brand safety, as well as gain more powerful insight into collected data.

Are you ready for Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager to make its debut? 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing, your local Google PPC company in Philadelphia, is excited to start using these new services, as we feel they are going to help our clients succeed in the online space exponentially.