Employers have been presented with a new platform to attract top talent to their business: Jobs on Facebook.

If you have any job openings, you can feature those jobs on your company Facebook page. In the Facebook blog post announcing this feature, the social media platform made clear that due to the fact people are using Facebook already to find jobs, they’re focused on adding new features that allow job posting and applications directly on the platform.

The new tool is available currently in the United States and Canada. Posting a job is free, but employers can get more visibility on their job postings by boosting the opening. Users of Facebook can search for jobs in a two to 100-mile radius and sort by broad industry categories.

This is another way for Facebook to expand its reach. Users that aren’t active on LinkedIn or Monster and are looking for a new job or opportunity, Facebook is a platform where they’re comfortable.

Here’s how it works:

  • Users see a job that piques their interest.
  • They select the Apply Now button on that company’s Facebook page.
  • Facebook automatically fills out the basics: name, location, photo.
  • Application is sent to the business through Facebook Messenger.

Page admins can review applications and then decide whether to contact the applicant directly on Facebook Messenger. In addition to the basics that are filled in, the applications from the platform include all the information that has been made available when the Facebook account was created. This information includes cell phone number and email, as well as education and employment history that has been included.


What This Means For Facebook

Quite simply, Facebook is leveraging the power of its platform to get in on the job market. With all the ways that social media marketing and Facebook, in general, is shifting the way users consume information, job hunting is conducted on social media platforms now more than ever.

With the billions of people already on Facebook, the ability for brands to communicate directly on the platform without outside email or phone call makes life a little more convenient for both parties.

After testing the feature in a couple of cities last spring, Facebook is aiming to capitalize on the use of the platform by recruiters. Recruiters are consistently present on LinkedIn and reach out to prospects that might be a good fit their client. According to USA Today, recruiters using Facebook has surged to 66%.

Sounds good and promising off the bat. Digging deeper…

Will it be Successful for Facebook?

You have to think of the way job seekers are currently finding jobs and opportunities. Websites like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, even Craigslist are well known for users job searching on their platforms. For many on the hunt for a new position, they won’t automatically think to go to Facebook.

Plus, the balance between personal and professional lives isn’t often blurred. People use Facebook for personal reasons.

With the broad industry range on the feature, you’ll have to scroll through scores of listings before you find a position that looks appealing. On other platforms, you can narrow your search into your specific niche and strong points that allow you to more easily find a position that suits you.

It’s too new and raw, and Facebook users may not know it’s there. For now, after a quick browse of the listings, it appears the platform is filled with part-time roles and positions that aren’t professional or career-related. Time will tell how it will change and what opportunities will be advertised in the future.

Job boards and other avenues that put you in front of professional jobs will still be the go-to for job seekers in a professional environment. I expect to see a certain type of job hunter utilizing Jobs on Facebook. Just not the person looking for a career.