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Earn Return on Investment with PPC Services

Ready to broadcast your digital presence like never before? At 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing, our team of more than 100 employees work together to provide businesses from a variety of industries with the most comprehensive pay-per-click (PPC) management services available today.

Our team has expertise in the full range of PPC solutions, including

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Individualized Campaigns

Using pay-per-click ads, we can accomplish the following:

  • Create compelling, clickable, and optimized PPC ad copy
  • Maintain a high degree of relevance between ads and their correlated landing pages
  • Increase ROI using calculated bidding methods
  • Uncover new customer demographics through an understanding of user behavior, geography, and devices

Client Success Story


Center City Emergency Dentist

200 clicks one year; 5,000 the next! Find out how one dentistry accomplished this feat, courtesy of our PPC campaign.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About PPC

1. What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is an online marketing model used to drive traffic to your site, generating interest in your products and services by using relevant targeting strategies informed by the research and collaboration of all your digital marketing efforts.

2. Why do I need PPC?

Traditionally, businesses view marketing as a cost or expense, but with the advent of digital ad networks like Google Ads, we can now accurately measure the performance of marketing campaigns in a way that allows us to generate a return on investment.

3. How does PPC help my brand?

Pay-per-click ad platforms allow us to utilize data-driven techniques and algorithms that get your brand in front of the best audiences possible. Whether your goal is to generate leads, drive traffic to your site, spread brand awareness, or all of the above, our specialists can create campaigns that help you achieve your business objectives.

4. Can’t I do my own PPC?

You can attempt to run your own PPC campaign, but unfortunately, online advertising is extremely competitive. Creating a cost-effective PPC campaign takes constant attention and a thorough understanding of the digital marketplace. In the end, it’s best to trust a team of PPC experts who understand both the analytics and best practices of paid search advertising to get the most out of your PPC spend.

5. How does PPC work with other marketing channels?

A trained specialist can tailor your PPC campaigns to complement every other facet of your digital marketing. PPC can boost the performance of your social media campaigns, augment your SEO strategies, and enhance your eCommerce or lead generation initiatives.

Let Us Take Your Business to a Whole New Level

So let’s start with the basics. What is PPC? Pay-per-click (PPC) is a model of internet marketing in which you pay a fee each time one of your online advertisements is clicked. Simplified, it’s a way of buying visits to your site. One of the most effective types of PPC ads is search engine marketing. This allows you to bid on certain terms, or keywords, that people may be entering into search engines when they look for products or services that you offer.

For instance, if you sell boots, then you would bid on keywords like “work boots” or “steel-toe boots” to try to get your ad more visibility on search results and market to people looking for these products. Every time your ad is clicked, it sends a visitor to your website, and you pay a small advertising fee to the search engine.

That’s what effective PPC can do for your company. Bottom line, we can help you grow your business by reaching new potential customers and directing them to your website through a customized PPC ad campaign.

Campaigns That Meet Your Goals

As a Bucks County pay-per-click agency that offers the full range of digital marketing services, we have the resources and expertise necessary to effectively incorporate PPC campaigns into your overall marketing strategy.

After determining your objectives, we prepare and execute fully-managed PPC campaigns designed to help you meet your goals. While managing your accounts, we’ll continue to iterate on your strategy to enhance your return on investment. Through painstaking research and time-tested optimization techniques, we implement the most influential PPC campaigns possible.

To get you the most effective campaign with your best ROI, we feature:

Ad Copy Creation & A/B Testing

We can test the headline, body, and landing page of your ad to see what get the best and results.

Keyword Research

We do extensive research to find the ideal search terms to get you the right kind of visitors.

Conversion Tracking

We can show you what happens after a person clicks your ad; if they called your business, made a purchase, or signed up for your newsletter. This allows us to assess the campaign’s performance and make any necessary adjustments to increase your ROI.

Custom Reporting

We’ll provide you with performance reports on what factors of your campaign matter to you the most.

Call Analytics and Recordings

As another way to assess campaign performance, this is a way to track the ads that are leading to phone calls to your business and capitalize on their effectiveness.

Competitor Analysis

We do a thorough investigation of your competitors, their campaigns, ads, keywords, and more, all to give you the upper hand and an advantage over them.

As a Google Premier Partner, our Philadelphia-based team will create, monitor, and continually adjust an effective PPC campaign for your company. Our knowledge helps get you the most for your money.

Whatever the trends or newest breakthroughs, our PPC experts stay well-versed in the industry and take every opportunity possible to learn about new features and technologies.

Our Bucks County pay-per-click managers’ main goal is implementing the most efficient and cost-effective PPC strategy. You will never have to worry about us “setting it and forgetting it.” Every day one of our PPC specialists will be doing ongoing maintenance on your account, making the necessary changes to your PPC campaign for maximum success.

Conversion Optimization That Fits Your Purpose

We have a high degree of control over the types of people we target your products and services to. We use multiple demographic factors such as age, location, income, gender, and many more to determine your target audience and get your ads in front of them.

After discovering your target audience, we then focus on the conversion optimization aspect of your campaign:

  • Having compelling, clickable, and optimized PPC ad copy. We make sure that people are going to want to click on your ad because it looks good and is well designed.
  • Maintaining a high degree of relevance between the ad and its targeted landing page. We ensure that if someone clicks on an ad for “leather boots,” they aren’t sent to a page to buy socks instead.
  • Optimizing your overall website design drives customers to purchase. A user-friendly website makes it easy for your customers to reach the desired product landing page after clicking your ad. The more seamless the experience, the more sales you’ll get.

Bottom line: We make sure the right conversion optimization practices are in place to bring the most business to your company.

Personalized Attention. Open Communication.

As we develop and implement your PPC strategies, you’ll have full access to your campaign data. You’ll be able to see your ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS) grow before your own eyes with our custom tracking and reporting tools that focus on the key point indicators that matter most to you.

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