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Are Your Email Marketing Campaigns Engaging Your Customer Base?

Foster meaningful audience experiences with purposeful, value-driven email content.

Email is one of the best methods a business can use to interact with customers on a personal level. The marketing experts at 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing, based in Bucks County, PA, can help your company develop and deploy customized email campaigns tailored to your target audience. Our teams will monitor the performance of your campaigns and continually generate value by helping your business build successful email campaigns.

When you choose 1SEO as your email marketing company, you gain the benefit of personalized attention and customized services. Our Philadelphia-area team focuses on the business objectives most important to you. Looking to increase revenue? Want to grow your mailing list? Want to spread brand awareness? We can tailor your email marketing strategies to support your goals. Our email marketing services serve as versatile tools for growing your business.

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How Do You Create a Great Email Campaign?

Creating an effective email marketing campaign begins with identifying your goal and finding the right way to reach it. Some of the most successful email campaigns are:

  • Announcements to tell stories or share news
  • Promotions to increase brand awareness and sells
  • Campaigns to win back previously lost customers
  • Drip campaigns to acquire customers by maintaining relationships with them

Making these strategies work for your business is easier said than done, however. If you are struggling to engage your target audience through your current email marketing strategies, then it’s time to enlist 1SEO’s powerhouse team of email marketing specialists. Our team will show you that email marketing is more than just sending newsletters.

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Lightspeed Trading

Maximizing success is a no-brainer when you utilize every tool at your disposal. See how videos and mobile changed the game for this company.

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Master Your Metrics

We’ll measure the success of your email marketing campaigns by tracking metrics such as:

  • Click-through Rate- shows the percentage of email recipients who clicked one or more links within your email
  • Conversion Rate- measures the percentage of email recipients who not only clicked on a link within an email but also completed a desired action such as making a purchase
  • Bounce Rate- the percentage of emails that did not deliver successfully to the recipient’s inbox
  • List Growth Rate- the rate at which your email subscriber list grows
  • Sharing/Forward Rate- the percentage of email recipients who share the email content on social media and/or who forwarded the email to a friend
  • Campaign ROI- the overall return on investment of your campaigns

Tracking metrics such as these allow our team to help you maintain a healthy email list and improve the return on investment of your campaigns. We’ll tell you what is and is not working with your campaigns and how they can improve moving forward.

Comprehensive Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing specialists will create custom campaigns using proven approaches that have been helping our clients win for years. As we design and implement these initiatives, you can expect:

  • Messages optimized for mobile experience
  • Performance tracking that includes things like engagement, click-through rate, conversions and bounce rate reports
  • Compelling content with our award-winning content marketing, graphic design and video production teams
  • Increased conversions with re-engagement messages and custom landing pages
  • More sales due to captured interest in your products and services
  • A/B Testing to identify the best-performing subject lines, videos, or infographics that lead to the best open and conversion rates
  • List segmentation to get granular with our targeting

As a trusted provider of small business email marketing solutions that drive results, our team will help you build and manage your subscriber list. We know that disobeying “Ican” regulations by not informing your customers about how you collect and use their personal information can lead to some email services barring you. We’ll help you clean up your list and get you back on track.

Extend Your Reach Today

Our email marketing services can transform the way you engage with your customers and help grow your business in ways you never expected. As one of the top email marketing companies near Philadelphia, we’ll show you how employing the right combination of email marketing campaigns and social media marketing services can help you harness the power of your digital potential and turn it into tangible success.

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