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The Client Buy4LessTuxedo is an online retailer of designer tuxedos, suits, and other formal accessories for men, women, and children who are looking to dress to impress at their next event. As their name suggests, this company offers these products at an affordable price to make formal wear accessible for a wider range of consumers. This makes them both a practical and stylish option for proms, weddings, and other special events.
The Problem

While Buy4LessTuxedo had a moderately successful online presence, they were striving to reach one specific goal with our help: to make one million dollars.

This company came to Digital Agency in the hopes of earning one million dollars in online revenue by the end of Q2. Therefore, we were given the task of obtaining this goal through digital marketing strategies.

The Strategy

Making one million dollars is a fairly broad goal to achieve. Therefore, we took a funnel approach and broke our strategy into three specific phases:

  • Phase 1: Getting them there: We aimed to increase the number of views by optimizing specific pages on the Buy4LessTuxedo site, including an often overlooked page.
  • Phase 2: Getting them to take a look: One way we got visitors to stay and browse the site was by establishing Buy4LessTuxedos as an authority in the formalwear industry. We posted informative and educational blogs that delivered tips and advice to potential customers.
  • Phase 3: Getting them to buy: We discovered that people usually viewed the website at least two times before ultimately deciding to make a purchase. Because the user experience on that “tuxedo” page was so effective, allowing visitors to easily shop by brand or select a specific color or style, the vast majority of users started on that page and then ventured deeper into the site, eventually making a purchase.
The Outcome
  • 325% increase in traffic to "tuxedo" page
  • 84% increase in transactions on mobile devices
  • $1.28 million total revenue generated

Optimizing specific pages to appeal to the needs of customers can drive major traffic to your website and allow you to acquire more revenue. Getting them to view your website is only the first step: show them that you have the exact product they’ve been looking for.

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