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The Client Whether it’s nuts, seeds and dried fruits, or OREO®, NILLA®, Snickerdoodle and HONEY MAID® cookie and graham cracker crusted almonds, SunTree Snack Foods produce a wide variety of snacks that satisfy. Their goal is to bring out the joy of snacking, whether it’s a well-earned break for a healthy refreshment or an indulgent treat after a job well done.
The Problem

Stocking their delicious snacks in Walmart stores nationwide should’ve been a recipe for success. However, it wasn’t that simple. The quality of the snacks certainly wasn’t the problem. Due to circumstances beyond their control, SunTree Snack Foods products were stored in the produce section of the stores, which wasn’t ideal. How would people know where to find it? How could they increase awareness?

That’s where 1SEO stepped up to the plate.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to prompt the audience at Walmart locations to click on Facebook pin ads, in the form of videos, which linked to their Store Locator page.

  • Remarketing: There, visitors would find their nearest Walmart, which they were likely to be inside already or at least very close to, making it easy to convert that click into a purchase. By clicking on the ad and visiting their website, users would henceforth be served AdRoll remarketing ads on Facebook to drive them back to the SunTree Snack Foods website.
  • Videos: Our team chose to use the client’s noteworthy product imagery to their advantage by creating engaging videos that highlight the snacks in fun ways. By working around the limitations of Facebook Ad Manager to ensure we reached all the locations SunTree Snack Foods was aiming for, we posted both videos, three separate times with the appropriate locations linked to each one.
The Outcome
  • 230,836 people ready by video 1
  • 162,018 people reached by video 2
  • 11,844 total clicks to Store Locator page

Just because you have a great product to market, simply boosting Facebook posts won’t cut it these days. Coming up with something creative and spirited that will grab your audience’s attention can overpower a large budget, especially when you put it in front of the right audience.

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