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The Client ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists is a nationwide provider of medical linen and laundry services. Their mission is to establish lasting relationships with medical facilities in order to ultimately increase patient satisfaction and health. They have two specific target audiences: those seeking information on infection prevention in their facilities and those interested in learning the best practices for optimal patient experiences. In addition to their main website, they maintain 31 other subdomains in order to target medical facilities from the specific regions they serve.
The Problem

ImageFIRST faces challenges solely by being a nationwide company in the ever-changing healthcare industry. The needs of customers and patients change regularly, so it’s important for ImageFIRST and their websites to keep up with demands. Patient satisfaction is stressed more than ever in the industry; so while aiming to increase this satisfaction, ImageFIRST is simultaneously left with the task of maintaining and updating their main site in addition to their 31 other subdomains.

ImageFIRST faces a steady need to attract more customers. As a company that seeks to establish long-term relationships, they are always at risk of plateauing and staying at the same level. To sustain current success and control the pace of future growth, they need to focus on gaining attention on their main site primarily while still keeping up with subdomains.

The Strategy

We had a goal of continuing growth for the client as a whole. To do so, we drove “soft” leads, such as contact form submissions. Here are the steps we took to simultaneously maintain ImageFIRST’s main site and 31 subdomains:


  • Targeting an Audience: To start, we researched the best terms for each subdomain and took into consideration the colloquial variations within each targeted region.
  • Prioritizing Linkbuilding: We continued to perform regular maintenance in terms of linkbuilding, posting content, creating social media posts, and acquiring high-quality backlinks within other sites relevant to ImageFIRST’s industry.

Main Site

  • Optimizing: Out of all the work we put into ImageFIRST, optimization of the main site required the most ingenuity on our part. We optimized two existing pages and created one new one to leverage all three for the “soft leads” that ImageFIRST needed.
  • Tailoring: We tailored these pages to ImageFIRST’s target audience.
  • Engaging: Each page allowed for visitors to fill out a contact form with personal information, giving them access to tips from ImageFIRST and more insight regarding a partnership.
The Outcome
  • 66% of 1,705 keywords are on first page
  • 173% increase in soft leads

Building and sustaining personal relationships is key. By taking incremental steps and focusing on individualized attention, companies are able to connect and thrive with customers.

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