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The Client It was a month and a half before election day when eight candidates running for local political office realized they were desperate to try something new that would turn their campaign around.

Knowing that local elections don’t typically result in large turnouts, the candidates knew they were in need of a strategy that would encourage significant voter turnout while allowing voters to get to know them and their stance on community issues. That’s when they reached out to 1SEO.
The Problem

The politicians came to 1SEO for two reasons: to enhance personal brand awareness and increase voter turnout for the local elections. They also needed a way to reach people that wouldn’t necessarily be motivated to vote. Not only were the politicians unfamiliar with digital marketing, but they were missing an online presence. Without websites or social media accounts, physical ads were the only way to get their names out there to voters. In today’s digital age, that just wasn’t going to be enough.

The Strategy

We took a comprehensive look at how we could use the politicians’ budget to effectively reach the most significant amount of people within a short time-frame. We came us with a two-fold strategy:

  • Facebook Ads: Build Brand Awareness: Posts containing quality graphics and videos let voters know what the primary focus of each candidate’s campaign was, along with information about the importance of voting in local elections and when said elections were being held.
  • Pin-Drop Campaigns: Target Audiences: By targeting specific events the politicians were attending, community events, and known locations where the ideal voter demographic was going to be, or could potentially be, we effectively reached their target audience.
  • Day Of: The day of the election, we added another piece to the puzzle. We ran countywide ads letting people know that it was the day to vote. This proved to be a beneficial tactic as people often struck up conversations with the politicians after seeing their ad, no matter their party affiliation.
The Outcome
  • 95,739 people reached through one ad
  • 9.82% estimated ad recall lift rate
  • 26,000 number of people reached

Getting in front of the right audience through social media exposure can build you brand, elevate your message, and make a world of difference.

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