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The Client Lightspeed Trading is an award-winning subsidiary of Professional Trading Solutions, Inc. This client is also a FINRA and NFA member and a fully-disclosed introducing broker-dealer based in New York and Chicago. Lightspeed Trading offers securities, provides direct access brokerage, trading, and advanced order routing services to their clientele with their industry-leading catalog of stock and options trading software -- chiefly by way of Lightspeed Trader, their flagship online trading platform.
The Problem

Despite their prominence among traders, and even though they are an online operation, Lightspeed was having trouble getting qualified website visitors to try out their products.

Lightspeed Trading came to 1SEO primarily for one reason: increase online conversions. For them, that means generating more leads by inspiring more traders to sign up for a free demo of their award-winning software.

The Strategy

Using performance and hard data to guide our decisions, we focused the bulk of our efforts in five areas to help Lightspeed achieve their goals:

  • Make it Easy for The End User: We changed the layout of Lightspeed’s homepage to emphasize the demo request form. Immediately after, we saw an uptick in conversions.
  • Ensure Data is Accurate: Our team set out to correct the conversion tracking errors to gain accurate insight into Lightspeed’s performance.
  • Introduce New Queries: We performed  “deep” keyword research to identify opportunities the client was missing out on.
  • Use Videos to Their Fullest Potential: We optimized Lightspeed’s webinar recordings and how-to videos to get the most out of these valuable resources.
  • Focus on Mobile: We created new, mobile-specific ad groups and increased click-through rate with expanded ads.
The Outcome
  • 28% increase in organic traffic
  • 300% increase in leads from video webinars
  • 178% increase in mobile conversions

With accurate numbers at your disposal, you can use your experience to optimize your client. By taking advantage of every opportunity available on every channel and on every platform, you can maximize your success.

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