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The Client The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson, LLC. specializes in providing legal defense representation for individuals unjustly injured in the workplace, fighting to get clients the compensation they need and deserve.
The Problem

In spite of their impressive legal track record, they came to 1SEO Digital Agency because their website was under penalty. Therefore, the firm was in imminent danger of closing their doors. Previously partnering with another SEO agency that purchased bad links and exhausted a PPC budget because of local competitors running up the price of clicks, the client turned to 1SEO to not only salvage their online presence, but ultimately, to save their law firm. Simply put, they were failing to receive quality cases.

The Strategy

First, we had to identify and put a stop to the click fraud that our client’s previous advertising campaign faced. Then we would implement and A/B test a variety of Google Ads features to single out untapped audiences who were likely to convert.

After conducting keyword and link analyses in July 2018, our team installed StatCounter for our client, allowing us to trace IP addresses that clicked on his ads most often to exclude them, bringing the constant click fraud to an immediate halt. The following month, we increased their budget to $1000/day, investing more money back into Google Ads campaigns after seeing a positive increase in personal injury cases in August 2018.

Launching an innovative scholarship campaign which ran from August through December 30, 2018, to benefit law students in need of financial stability while pursuing their law degree, 1SEO aimed to generate quality long-term backlinks to .edu/ .gov domains, to strengthen their link profile and improve their trust ratio. This also created a unique opportunity to extend the client’s reach to a younger demographic. Then we expanded the client’s SEM reach by implementing an enhanced CPC bidding automation strategy to maximize budget vs. clicks until we identified that his best-converting calls were those that typed in small variations of only a few search terms. Out team also restructured his Google Ads campaign to have only exact match keywords and poured the entirety of the client’s budget into these terms with Google’s Maximize Conversions Automated Bidding strategy, opting to display relevant ads to mobile users rather than those on desktops who were less likely to convert.

Once we improved his quality of calls, we A/B tested five ad copies on that small group of terms to determine which one resulted in the highest quality leads and a close rate of 40%. From there, we were able to lower the client’s CPC while attracting new audiences and continuing to strengthen the client’s root domain through monthly link building.

The Outcome
  • 903% return on AD spend march 2019
  • 28% increase in unique callers YOY
  • 199% increase in conversions YOY

As a result of increasing the client’s Google Ads budget and implementing new bidding strategies that steadily increased the volume of user traffic throughout the campaign, our team was able to increase the volume of quality users being driven to the client’s website while also improving the client’s search engine visibility; the client’s Scholarship Campaign was successful in collecting 50 .edu backlinks.

The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson reported that in March 2019 they’d received more qualified leads than ever before which resulted in a record-breaking 27 personal injury cases closed in March alone! Raking in an average of $10,000 for each case, the client generated approximately $270,000 in revenue in the last month of the SEM campaign. Taking into consideration the client’s March ad spend ($29,906.80), our client saw a remarkable ROAS of $9.02 or 902.83% for March 2019. Not only are our client’s doors still open, despite the efforts of local click-frauding competitors, but their consultation waiting room has never been busier!

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