How do you make your purchasing decisions? You do your research, conduct a few searches, and make a few phone calls.

Your customers are doing the same thing. They’re looking for a business they trust, and they’re looking online. Think about this. You need your home power washed because of the dirt and debris that has accumulated. You look online and after visiting a few sites, you call a company whose number you found on their website.

Installing a call tracking number on your website will significantly benefit your marketing campaign. Having a dedicated number placed on your website, you’ll be able to better determine how your website is performing with your customers.

Phone calls remain an integral component to your business. It’s a way to gain new customers and establish new relationships. When you implement a call tracking number on your website, you’ll increase your marketing efforts by establishing better monitoring and reporting.

Test Your Campaigns

Your digital marketing campaign should not be the only campaign you’re running. The call tracking number is exclusive to the website, and if your visitors find you from some other avenue, they’ll be calling a different number.

The number appearing on your website will be exclusive to the site, allowing you to determine who has found your brand through the site.

Determine whether it’s the billboard that is drawing attention, the television ad, or the company brochure you’re handing out at trade shows. Why isn’t your website generating any phone calls? Test your campaigns and keep testing.

Call tracking gives you the ability to see how many visitors have filled out a contact form, and how many have used the phone and made a call to contact your business.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

If you’re taking your marketing efforts seriously, then you have more than one type of advertising campaign. In today’s mobile world, you have the opportunity to reach customers at all hours of the day, no matter if they’re at work, on their commute, or relaxing at home.

You should have an advertising campaign that reaches your target audience and makes your brand memorable. When your phone is ringing, call tracking allows you to determine the source of the call. Using a different number for each advertising platform, you can see the data coming in, tracking the platform where your calls originated.

Help understand how your audience is finding your business. Call tracking measures allow you to determine the effects of your strategy.

Data in Real-Time

The stats continue to increase for customers who call businesses directly from the search results page. While users seek information through your website, a purchase intent is present when a customer makes that phone call.

When you’re able to track the source of the call, your marketing team will better understand the campaigns that led to the interaction. You’ll see who called you from a paid click, an organic search click-through, social media referral, or a direct visit to your website.

This way, you can see the whole picture, making tweaks and adjustments to your campaign when necessary. Without having the ability to track calls, your decision to make tests and changes based on keyword performance and ad copy will be made without all the data at your fingertips.

Watch campaigns to see which is doing harm and which is contributing to your success. When you notice negative results that are costing you money, you can pull the plug or make adjustments without allowing more damage. Plus, you can concentrate your efforts onto the positive campaigns for better results.

Comparing Organic SEO and Paid Campaigns

While it’s important to understand the results of your digital and non-digital marketing campaigns, it’s just as crucial to compare the data as it relates to your paid and organic campaigns.

Are you getting traffic and leads from your PPC efforts, but virtually none from your organic SEO? Or vice versa? Through call tracking, easily track which leads came from particular campaigns. This allows you to make adjustments on the fly so you see the best results.

Improve Customer Service

Are you receiving phone calls, but aren’t turning those leads into conversions. If your website is performing and your visitors are filling out the contact box or dialing your number, the issue could be internal.

With functions that include call recording and call management, you can listen to incoming calls to gain a sense of the service being provided by your employees. If they don’t sound pleasant or aren’t being friendly, chances are this is a reason your leads aren’t becoming customers.

Listen to the recordings to determine how you can improve customer service for a better experience. When you make adjustments on how you handle potential customers on the phone, you’ll see an increased conversion rate.

Plus, determine who is to blame. From your receptionist to the member of your staff that is taking the phone calls, tracking each call shows exactly who dropped the ball.

Focus on Efficiency

The solutions you experience from your call tracking initiative capture the most pertinent information in the sales funnel. Increase customer satisfaction with your brand, and have your internal staff become more efficient.

You’ll have all the information at hand, being able to avoid disaster and guide buying decisions. While your SEO and paid campaigns play a critical role in the success of your brand online, phone calls remain important.

We use search to gather our information and make purchasing decisions, but we still need that human interaction with a real person. Providing in-depth content on your site helps you get found while showcasing why you’re the company for that customer. This entices them to call you.

How are you going to know where a prospect found your company? With call tracking, you’ll have the data in real time, understanding how your marketing efforts are working and taking your business to the next level.

As the months and years go on, it’s imperative you have a well-rounded digital campaign, taking advantage of all tools at your disposal. Call tracking is one of those tools that helps you understand in real time how you are performing.

Get started with your call tracking today and help trim your sales funnel.