It’s about to be 2017. The world has gone social and video marketing is beginning to stand apart. Individuals and brands alike are creating stories and time-limited videos on Instagram and Snapchat every second of every day. Consumers are eating it up.

Then Snapchat thought of a brilliant way to enhance Google Glass, and give their users a new way to create videos. The Snapchat spectacles. Which, by the way, are only available at Snap Inc. “vending machines” called the Snapbot, and sell out within minutes. Even with a retail price of $130.

It’s a way for Snap, Inc. to boost engagement with the app. Now, you don’t have to hold your phone out to take a video, you can press the button on the rim and “snap” 10-second videos of what’s going on in your life.

Where you are, who you’re with, what you’re doing, and events you’re attending. It’s the buzz with video marketing. It’s a chance to expand your network and for businesses to give a glimpse into their everyday.

How Do You Get the Snapchat Spectacles?

There are only a few hundred that have been sold in the US. Their vending machine travels to select cities without much warning. You can go to the Spectacles map and wait for a new location to pop up, usually within 24 hours before it drops.

It was recently deployed to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. How did people take advantage of this location? Helicopter, of course.

Currently, there is a pop-up store in New York City on E 59th St. through New Year’s Eve. There are no other stores in the country, so New Yorkers flock to wait in line for hours on end, only to enter the building and wait some more.

Sure, it can be time-consuming for a pair of video glasses. Why would anyone waste their time to spend over $100 on this “accessory”? Well, check out eBay listings for the spectacles where owners are trying to get more than $100 profit on their investment.

They’re in high demand. And understandably so. Just don’t lose your case, because that’s how you charge the glasses.

What Are The Best Uses for the Spectacles?

Record life’s daily pleasures, let others see life from your point of view. Have a meeting with a client? Show 10 seconds of it to your audience. Heading into a conference? Show the scene. Attending a sporting event with clients? Get their reaction.

Or, aside from business, take videos and snaps of your children, pets, bike rides, trips, and more. They can all easily be saved to Memories within the Snapchat app. So what will we be recording with the future of spectacles?

  • Face-to-Face Interactions
  • Places & Attractions
  • Unique Experiences
  • Marketing Material
  • Fun with Family & Friends

Even sports teams have started to use the phenomenon to take a close look at a game from the bench’s view. The Minnesota Wild captured behind the scenes and close-up moments of a game earlier this year, and expect other professional sports teams to take advantage of this new medium.

The best part about the spectacles? Inside the app, you can hold your phone either vertically or horizontally to see what was captured. It’s the next wave of social media marketing and is certainly captured plenty of buzz.

How to Market Your Business Using Snapchat Spectacles

Every business is unique. What makes yours stand out? What do you do on a daily basis?

Now is your chance to give a behind the scenes look at your company and what you do. It gives your audience a unique, dynamic perspective of your brand.

Plus, you don’t need multiple pairs of spectacles to market your brand. You can take the same pair and connect it to multiple phones. It’s the most intriguing piece of technology in recent memory, helping brands and individuals tell their own story.

The price tag is well worth it. Snapchat has millions of active daily users, and 18% of all US social media users are on Snapchat. In June, Snapchat passed Twitter with 150 million active users.

Snapchat spectacles are the new wave of marketing to your consumers, especially millennials. It’s a different kind of social experience. As they become more available, they’ll become more popular than they already are.

Change the way your stories are told. Build your brand with video marketing.