1SEO Technologies Management Software Installation

  • 1: Please click on the link below. It will automatically open a new window on your web browser and you will see the download automatically appear at the bottom of your web browser downloaded a file called “AgentSetup_BlueRock”. Once the download is finished, please double click on the download and run it. https://concord.centrastage.net/csm/profile/downloadAgent/ac1ffd10-eafa-4165-8f48-cd34e71d6a5aAgent Example Setup
  • 2: If prompted, please click Yes to “Trust” or “Run”
  • 3: The software will now install silently in the background. After you install the software you will not receive any confirmations.
If you were not able to successfully do it please email our helpdesk at Help@1SEOTech.com along with your name and phone #. We will reach out to you to help you do it manually!