Three Current Trends in Content Marketing

Greg Dyson

Greg Dyson


In the world of technology, what stood tall atop the mountain three years, months or even weeks ago could easily be all but forgotten today (feel free to pull out your BlackBerry and Ask Jeeves about MySpace, America Online, the Palm Pilot, etc. for examples of what we mean). In other words, technology prefers the here and now, and if you ain’t with it, you might as well just pack up and go home.

Since digital marketing is heavily steeped in technology, it should come as no surprise that in order to remain relevant in this space, it’s imperative that we stay up to date—or ideally, ahead of the curve—on the most current trends. Is there an app for that?

For example, if our SEO team operated based on Google’s algorithms from eight months ago, our clients would be wasting more money than a Segway stockholder. And because digital marketing is required to operate as such, it inherently breeds innovators.

One of the most prominent places in which innovation in the digital marketing arena can be found is in the land of content marketing. We’re constantly pushing its boundaries, and conjuring up creatives ways to up the amount of eyes that see our content.

While they might be dead and gone 5 years from now, these are some of the dominating content marketing trends today. Take a peek before they become irrelevant:

YouTube Videos

Well, video marketing in general is important, but YouTube should be your primary focus. Think of it like the difference between Google and Yahoo. Sure, Yahoo shouldn’t be ignored, but let’s be real—Google is where we primarily focus our attention because it’s where the majority of traffic is located.

When it comes to your video content marketing, it needs to be prolific. While you don’t want the quality to suffer for the sake of staying on a schedule, you don’t want to spend six months editing a single video either. Statistics show that the best campaigns just downright include a high volume of videos.

Also, after you yell “that’s a wrap!” and it comes time to post, make sure the video moves beyond YouTube, and is embedded into your website and onto social media posts. The more it moves, the better.


If a content marketing throne existed, an infographic would be sitting in it. For one, they’re liked and shared three times more than other types of content on social media platforms, so that alone should be enough to put them at the top of your priority list.

Consider the fact that there are as many users on Pinterest as there are on Twitter these days, and do we even have to mention Instagram? The dominating social media platform has over 150 million unique and active monthly users. That’s a whole lot of available eyes to view your infographic’s content. 300 million of them, to be exact.

The Serial Approach

What is it about your favorite TV shows that make you fall so deeply in love with them? Part of it is that when you start a program from the beginning, you watch your favorite characters come to life, grow, see good times, deal with turmoil, go through relationships, reach milestones and so on; all of which help us empathize with and become attached to them over time.

Why shouldn’t we take the same approach to content marketing? By serializing our content, we’re not only able to build larger followings, but equally as importantly, we can capture loyal and dedicated fans. Whether it’s through a YouTube series, regular blog post speaker or anything else, developing a recurring “thing” is an effective way to differentiate yourself and have them coming back for more.

Final Thoughts

In 2016, companies with active blogs can expect to see a 67 percent increase in lead generation. Also, 28 percent of digital marketing budgets will be spent on content. 60 percent of digital marketers say content will be their top challenge this year.

So what does all that mean? That we better make sure we get our content straight, and focus on implementing effective strategies. With so much at stake, there’s no room to look backwards—not even for a second.

Digital marketing’s ever-shifting landscape can be too much for a lot of people to stay on top of, but that aspect of the industry gives us quite an adrenaline rush. If one thing’s for sure, there is no room for the word “archaic” around here, but that’s for the better as far as we’re concerned.

I wonder what the next big trend will be…


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