Following Security Lapse Google is Shutting Down Google+ For Consumers

Penn Porterfield


Google has finally made the decision to shut down their Google+ platform for consumers after an undisclosed security flaw exposed thousands of users’ profile information. Google has no evidence that the third-party apps and developers misused the users’ information and patched the bug in March 2018; therefore notice of the information breach was not given to the public.

According to Google officials, “As it stands the platform currently has very low usage and user-engagement, and we think it would be best for everyone to cease all consumer services on Google+ and focus the product more towards enterprise.”

Over the next ten months, Google will start winding down Google+ for consumers and reaching out to those who used the service to let them know how they can download and migrate their data. Enterprise customers of Google+ can expect new features that are purpose-built for businesses and privacy adjustments for higher security.

How Shutting Down Google+ Affects Users Google My Business Accounts

Google+ is only one little aspect of a business’s entire Google experience and sits within the Google My Business (GMB) command center. Google+ represents companies on Google’s social media network and is very similar to Facebook when it comes to its core features (share company updates, post links, connect with others, etc.). Unfortunately, Google+ did not flourish as the social network that Google wanted it to be, and now after the security breach, is being eliminated completely.

For business owners that work closely with 1SEO I.T. & Digital Marketing, rest assured that our digital agency is already diligently working on the issue and moving your accounts over to Google My Business and Google Posts in place of Google+. Below our Chief Operating Officer, CJ Bachmann goes a little more in-depth on how this shut-down may be affecting your business.

So, What Are Google Posts?

As CJ mentioned, 1SEO will begin using Google Posts in place of Google+ so that small and medium-sized business owners can continue to promote their brand and special offerings on the Google My Business platform.

Like GMB listings, Google Posts is a free tool that allows business owners to advertise on their company listing. Depending on the nature of the search query, the Google Post may show up in the search or map results. This grants business owners the opportunity to really grab their audience’s attention with a description of the offer/promotion/event, and a corresponding image, video, or GIF. Anyone can then share the Google Post on social media to help further promote it.

The moral of the story here is that Google Posts provide the exact same functionality as Google+ in terms of connecting with your customers, if not do more, and to also help your brand stand out from the crowd with unique and captivating messages.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

In the upcoming months, while Google starts to phase out their Google+ service completely, our digital marketing agency is here to answer any of your questions, comments, or concerns you may have about Google My Business, Google+, and Google Posts.


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