Keeping Up With The Jones: Bing Announces New Features

Michael Burdsall

Michael Burdsall


In an attempt to make features more compatible between their own advertising platform and Google Adwords, Bing will be introducing a number of changes to Bing Ads. While Bing tends to be playing catch-up when it comes to features announced by Google, this is not the case with all of the changes that have been recently announced by Bing.

Advertisers who are looking to take advantage of lower CPCs and CPAs in Bing Ads will be happy to hear that Bing is striving to make it even easier to transfer campaign settings and features to the platform.

Expand Text Ads Announced

Just as Google had announced earlier this year, Bing has announced that they will begin to offer expanded text ads in search results. This will give advertisers greater flexibility in the message they want to present to users.

Bing has stated that their goal is to have these expanded text ads ready to go by the end of the 2016 summer. Currently, Bing is working with tool and API providers to ensure a seamless transition to the support of this new ad set up.

Shared Budgets to Become Available

An extremely useful Google feature will be coming to Bing Ads in September of 2016. Shared budgets all for advertisers to have multiple campaigns pull from the same allocated budget.

This feature has been a staple in Google Adwords, which was sorely missing from Bing and created headaches for advertisers trying to import Google campaigns using this feature. Those interested in being part of Bing’s pilot program should contact to express their interest.

Editing Text Ads in Bing Ads App

Bing is ahead of the curve with a newly launched feature for their mobile Bing Ads application. Bing Ads users will now be able to receive disapproval notifications and edit ad text within their mobile app. This is a feature which Google has yet to introduce within their recently launched Google Adwords mobile application. It will be interesting to see if Google also begins to offer this function due to the convenience it is able to offer advertisers who are constantly on the go.

Bing Ads is making a continued push to not only make their advertising platform as compatible as possible with Google, but to also offer the most convenient experience possible to advertisers using their platform.

While Bing has followed in Google’s footsteps with many of the features announced, we will have to see if Google will follow Bing’s footsteps in offering a more convenient mobile application which allows for more control over the editing of paid advertising campaigns.


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