Microsoft continues to expand Bing’s footprint across their properties and exclusive channels. As a platform that puts you “where your customers are,” the Bing Network was launched to help advertisers reach consumers in a personal, natural, and engaging way.

Nearly one-third of searches in the United States occur on Bing, and their users are loyal. You’ll be presented to a Bing Network with a unique audience that extends your reach past Google. A quarter of the clicks on the network come from searches exclusive to Bing.

Less about words and links, Bing prides itself on delivering results that match meaning and intent. When you take advantage of the platform, you’ll put your message and your advertisements in front of eyes that Google can’t reach.

A Shift in the Search Market

While Google may be leading the way in search, Bing is adapting to the changing search market. We’re living in a world where we want instantaneous results, and we’re beginning to interact with search in many different ways. Through mobile, voice search, and gadgets connected to your home, we’re using different avenues than the traditional search box to find the information we need.

When your audience is searching on Amazon devices, within Microsoft Office, on their Xbox One, or through Cortana on Windows 10, Bing results (and ads) appear. Through the Bing Network, new customers will find your business, wherever their lives take them.

With a growing syndication network, the high-quality traffic they are delivering to your site brings conversions. Through partners that include the Wall Street Journal and Amazon, watch as your ads appear in front of millions of eyes.

Extensions on the Bing Network

Use ad extensions to guide your audience into action, and take advantage of location or call extensions to help them find your business. On par with Google AdWords, the Bing Network allows you to include all extensions to help your customers establish a connection.

Use site links to send them to a creative landing page, or app extensions to help promote downloads of your app. These extension capabilities have a high impact on your business.

Find Users Where They Want to Be Reached

Custom target your customers to connect with people when and how they want. On the Bing Network, reach customers based on their location, time of day, or device they’re using. Whether you’re targeting a user in your proximity or hundreds of miles away, Bing makes sure you’re able to reach that customer.

You’ll have access to up-to-date insights that include tips and trends to help you take the next step in your marketing strategy.

Updates to the Bing Network and Ads

Trying to remain at the forefront of users and advertiser’s minds, Bing has announced a myriad of changes to their platform. We have recently discussed these updates that will be featured on the platform, helping advertisers take advantage of lower CPCs and CPAs.

With the announcement of expanded text ads, you’ll have more flexibility in your language to connect to users. You will soon be able to edit those text ads directly from the Bing Ads app, something that sets the new Bing Network apart from Google.

You’ll be able to edit how you want your ad to display from wherever you are. On the go, at the airport, during the commute, or from the office of your client, the choice is yours.

Why the Bing Network is Important

Think about the way we’re adapting and using new features every day. Bing Ads continues to expand their network, delivering impressive results compared to Google. Your clients or your company will receive more clicks that lead to conversions, with an increased return on investment.

Search is becoming more personal and conversational. Proactively manage your marketing strategy to best reach your customers. With their syndication network and pull with Microsoft devices and platforms, you’ll reach more customers at an affordable cost.

The Bing Network is delivering a new kind of intelligence, powering 14 billion monthly searches across the globe. Let your brand be in the moments that matter to your customers.