Last week, during Google’s annual Ad & Analytics keynote address, there was a laundry list of new features in which Google announced are either going to be released soon or are entering beta testing.

While promoted pins on Google Maps will be a great way for large chain restaurants and other niche companies to advertise, one feature soon to be released has been a long time coming for digital marketing professionals.

That feature is bid adjustments, which will be coming to all devices within the Google AdWords interface by the third quarter of 2016.

Previously, bid adjustments could only be added for mobile devices. This made sense in the past, as desktop queries drove a large majority of traffic to websites and mobile bid adjustments could be used based upon how aggressive advertisers wanted to be for those users. Times have now changed. There has been a massive increase in users who shop from the mobile devices thanks in part to better user experience from websites, but also better mobile devices which allow for a much more enjoyable experience for the end user.


The way that these new bid adjustments will work is fairly straightforward and maintains a similar fashion to previous mobile bid adjustments.

The max CPC bidding system will stay in place as is. This means that one bid will be set directly for the keyword, which will act as the “base bid.” From this base bid, advertisers can set a specific bid adjustment as they optimize based on their account performance. Advertisers may first find that their mobile CPA is much lower than that of other devices. For this reason, the advertiser sets a 33% bid adjustment for mobile devices, while the base bid remains the bid for desktop and tablet. As time goes on, the advertiser finds that both tablet and desktop are producing higher CPAs than mobile and wants to set a negative bid adjustment. With this new feature, an advertiser can set their desktop negative bid adjustment to be larger than the adjustment for tablet, which was not possible in the past.

Further Customization for Your Ad Spend

Overall, what this means for users of Google AdWords is greater customization of their bidding strategy.

For many PPC Account Managers, this feature has been talked about for months and is viewed as a valuable addition to the campaign you’re managing. It will go a long way in offering a client the most customized strategy possible. After all, the more customized of an experience that an advertiser can provide for the campaign to follow specific needs of a client, the better the results will be in the long run.

This is a win-win for both advertisers and Google. Not only will this allow for advertisers to achieve lower CPAs, but also give them confidence that they will continue to receive a good return for their ad spend. With this confidence, they will continue to spend their advertising dollars within AdWords, which is Google’s ultimate goal.

The changes keep coming, and Google is delivering users with more and more ways they can capitalize on their ad spend. Get excited for Q3 and begin taking advantage of bid adjustments, no matter the device.