A worldwide attack from an elaborate hacking campaign linked to Russian ties has caused the FBI to issue a formal warning to all consumers, but especially small to medium-sized businesses and home offices.

This malware botnet is a network of infected devices known as a VPN filter, and has already corrupted an estimated half million devices (and counting) across 54 countries.

While the FBI’s recommendation includes directing any and all owners of businesses to reboot their routers and disable remote management settings on their devices, this merely provides a temporary disruption to the malware.

A Disturbing Outlook

A sophisticated cyber attack such as this has far-reaching effects because it can cause a litany of security issues and severe dilemmas for businesses.

For instance, this VPN filter can not only steal crucial website credentials, including logins, passwords, and other protected information that’s so vital to the survival of a business, but it can also create significant disruptions for websites.

Considering that a single hour of downtime for a website can cost thousands of dollars in lost potential revenue, it’s abundantly clear that most businesses and organizations cannot afford to be a victim of this attack.

In fact, a cyber attack of this magnitude can essentially cripple an organization, not only due to diminished productivity, but from a loss of the confidence and loyalty of their customers. Sadly, most small businesses don’t ever recover from this kind of catastrophe.

Protect Yourself and Your Business Now!

All this means that you and the business you work so hard to maintain, grow, and thrive can be in immense danger from this cyber attack, or worse yet, you may even already be infected by it. Do you have strong I.T. support services to protect you from an attack of this proportion?

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