Giving back. A term you hear companies throw around all the time. “We want to give back.” “We would like to give back.” At giving back isn’t something we think, or say; it is something we do. Giving back is in our blood. Literally. was lucky enough to team up with the American Red Cross to help save potentially 30 lives. Members of our staff ventured out in the chilly January air to donate their very life force to help save men, women and children in our community. While giving blood is not an opportunity that presented itself for our entire staff, those who filled the specific criteria all offered themselves up, knowing the sacrifice was well worth the effort.

The actual event took place at a local area Church, The Langhorne Presbyterian Church. Volunteers ran the check in table, while highly trained Red Cross nurses administered the pre-screening and actual blood donating. Afterwards, we were all treated to juice and snacks, and then back to the office with our always popular, “Be nice to me, I donated blood today” stickers.