How many people still use Twitter? Some say it’s dying. But it’s an easy way to consume information without the depth of posts on other platforms.

Businesses can learn a great deal from Twitter. When used appropriately and correctly, your following will grow and you’ll see customers begin to engage with the content you’re sharing.

It takes effort and time to create an engaging following, but the right approach will lead to loyal followers. When the platform launched, it was a place to quickly share thoughts, ideas, and quick stories, even in live time.

As it’s progressed and evolved, it has become a platform used by brands to communicate with their customers and their audience. If you’re not already using Twitter, you’re behind the curve. Over 76% of marketers across the globe used Twitter to promote and discuss their business.

Twitter is still growing in users. It’s a source for news and a source to interact with brands. It’s the simplest form of communication and gets your message across quickly.

How To Stand Out on Twitter

It takes more than just being active; it takes a content strategy geared specifically for Twitter. Without the engagement, your tweets simply get lost in the shuffle with a limited number of eyes ever seeing the content you put out.

  • Personal Interaction
  • Quality Content
  • Natural Posts with Limited Automation
  • Genuine Posts Without Spamming

Increasing your followers leads to more favorites, retweets, and replies that get your brand noticed. Using Twitter as a form of customer service leads to a jump of over 19% in satisfied customers. Speaking, asking, and engaging with brands on social media is becoming the norm. Twitter is becoming the PR source for brands.

Here are seven ways you can start using Twitter to stand out and earn more followers, attaining loyal customers.

Tip #1: Build Trust Through Consistency

Without regularly posting, it’s difficult to build trust. There are tools where you can pre-write and prepare a few tweets to be sent throughout the day that looks genuine and gets your message across.

When your following grows, you should become even more active. With features like “In case you missed it,” your followers can catch up with your tweets when they’re active. You no longer have to be at the top of the timeline to be seen.

This encourages engagement. While being consistent, also be human. Don’t make each tweet a promotion of your products or services. Twitter users don’t want that. That’s what sponsored posts are for.

Your followers chose to follow you for a reason. Stay active, but don’t make them regret following you.

Tip #2: Be Creative

Grow your following by getting creative. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd. Think about what you’re sending out into the Twitterverse, and make your post memorable.

Is a unique hashtag trending? Can your company or industry add value to the conversation through your input? Tweet using the hashtag. You can’t be a marketer anymore without the use of social media.

Adding your own spin to tweeting a story, blog, or article can help separate you from others. Find a quote from the story that you liked and use that as your tweet. Show that you’re engaged with the article and aren’t just sharing a piece of content.

Ask questions, have a sense of humor, and be inspirational.

Use original images, gifs, and other forms of media to get your audience engaged. From quizzes to polls, the more creative you are with your Twitter profile, the more engagement you’ll see from your followers.

Tip #3: Show What Benefits Your Content is Offering

When you’re sharing your work on Twitter, what kind of value are you adding? Are your tweets getting lost in the clutter of your follower’s timelines?

Focus on the person who is reading the tweet, not yourself. Why should they click the link or interact with your tweet? As a marketer, understand your audience that is active on Twitter, and use your words wisely to capture their attention.

Some of the most popular accounts are those that provide actionable tips and information to their followers. Whichever space your audience lives in, offer benefits to them.

Tip #4: Be Responsive

Users of Twitter reach out to you on Twitter because they expect a quick answer. Look at and stay updated on your mentions and notifications. If a user is reaching out with praise, hate, or a question, respond to them and show them that they matter to you.

Make sure to provide everyone with a timely response. The only exception is if they’re clearly trolling you or spamming you.

Let your customers know you’re available to them. If you don’t have a timely response to a frustrated customer, chances are they won’t be a customer much longer. A survey found 72% of all users said they expected a response from a brand on Twitter within an hour.

Responses can be through public profiles and @replies or through direct messages. Make sure your customers and their satisfaction is a top priority.

Tip #5: Use Hashtags

Hashtags help your brand get involved in the conversation. Hashtags can be those that are trending or those in the industry your post relates to. From #socialmedia to #digitalmarketing to #NYGiants, whatever your post is about, you’ll reach a wider audience when using hashtags.

If there’s a trending hashtag that you’d like to join in on the conversation, make sure you know the exact meaning. The last thing you want to do is tweet using a hashtag that is sensitive or tragic.

Like when Casey Anthony was found not guilty and the #notguilty hashtag began trending. Entenmann’s thought it would be clever to get involved, but the backlash on the brand forced an apology.

Make sure the hashtag makes sense, and start your own hashtag to start your own conversation. If people catch on, your brand awareness goes through the roof and your following will increase tenfold.

Tip #6: Run a Twitter Contest

Host your own contest and attract new customers or followers. Grow your audience organically, but there’s nothing wrong with holding a Twitter contest where the guidelines explicitly state that in order to be eligible you must be following.

Personally, I’ve followed many accounts that are running a giveaway or a contest that require follows. Anything that you have to offer is sure to gauge interest, it doesn’t have to be $1,000. Make sure to follow Twitter’s guidelines to ensure you aren’t breaking any rules.

As you run the contest, you’ll see more mentions, interactions, retweets, followers, and most importantly, engagement.

Tip #7: Embrace & Engage With Your Fans & Followers

Your followers are interested in what you have to say. When you send out a tweet, sometimes you could get 25 retweets and 50 likes, but no replies. Other times you could get five replies. This is the perfect time for one-on-one interaction.

Reply to their tweet, or give them a retweet to show your other followers what your fans are saying. Once they see that you’re a brand who retweets, replies, and engages with what they have to say, you’ll see more and more interaction with your tweets.

If you don’t have a dedicated person handling your Twitter and you can’t handle a response or an interaction every time your brand is mentioned, you can send a big “Thank You” tweet to your followers letting them know they’re the best and you’re thinking of them.

Even influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) who has millions of followers still finds time to reply and retweet to many of his fans. That’s why his business and his fan base has grown. He gets the importance of engaging your fans in a humbling way.

Wrapping Up

Twitter can be a valuable tool for your business when you get involved and talk to your followers. When you automate your posts and let your Twitter sit there without any engagement, you’ll be hard-pressed to gain any additional followers.

The more engagement you have, the more trust you’ll see with your audience. You’ll find your brand has more authority and you’ll drive more traffic to your website. To stand out and earn more followers, utilize these seven tips.