Baseball season is back.

No more spring training. No more guessing what the 25-man roster will look like. It’s time to play ball. America’s pastime. The boys of summer.

There are plenty of reasons to feel excited and pumped-up, both for baseball season and the marketing opportunities it presents.

As you look to modify your marketing strategy, baseball should probably be included. It’s a way to capitalize on a fan-base—a demographic that ranges far and wide—throughout the seven months of professional baseball.

Have a vision. Understand the minds of baseball fans. Know how they consume content and what platforms they’re using. Develop a marketing campaign that what will catch their eye.

Here are five ideas for you to maximize your marketing dollars during this baseball season.

1. Remarketing Ads

Take full advantage of the baseball season and create themed remarketing ads for your business. When a user visits your website, follow them around the web and remarket your brand to them with ads.

Think about remarketing ads as your cleanup hitter. The player with the most power that can drive in more runs (sales). Remarketing has high conversion rates with low costs. Not saying the cleanup hitter comes at a low cost, they’re often the highest paid player on the team. What I am saying is that they produce results.

Remarketing ads are shown to users who’ve already interacted with your site, are familiar with your brand, and they’re in the position to be driven home. They’re in scoring position with two outs in the ninth. Are your remarketing ads set up to take the lead?

Whether your creative team displays baseball-themed ads to relate to the season, or strong call-to-actions and images that stand out, you have the ability to grow your business. Baseball-themed ads can work for baseball fans, but not for those who aren’t fans of the game.

Choose the design appropriately for your business, make sure it’s appealing, and follow your visitors around the web at low cost. That’s your cleanup hitter.

2. Facebook Pin Around Stadium

To advertise on Facebook, many companies put their local city as the radius, where you can’t hone in on a particular location within that city. If you were to put an address, you can place a pin as little as a mile away from that site.

During baseball season, turn to Facebook and advertise your business at a specific location. This includes baseball stadiums. (Really, this is a great tactic for all sporting events, and entertainment venues in general). But, sticking to the baseball season…

Place a pin at the address of your local baseball stadium. No pro team close by? Use a minor league stadium. Set a radius of one mile, even five miles, around the stadium with a run time from before first pitch to an estimated time of when the game will end.

Baseball is probably the best sport to take advantage of this strategy. With all the downtime between pitches, innings, pitching changes, replay reviews, pick off attempts, and more, fans are constantly on their phones.

We’ve seen a group of young girls get ridiculed on ESPN for taking numerous selfies. If you display your ads throughout the game in that immediate radius, all fans in attendance can see your ad. This gives you about four hours to reach upwards of 45,000 people (depending on your city and its fan base).

Increase your budget during these times to maximize the amount of impressions, and watch your business exposure expand while traffic to your site and the eventual lead come through your doors.

3. Advertise on Ticket Reseller Websites & Apps

We’re in the Philadelphia market, so I’m going to use Philadelphia as an example. As the games get closer, and plans start to be made to attend, you can put your brand and your message in front of the fans in your city.

Think about platforms like StubHub, Gametime App, Vivid Seats, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, and more.

As your potential customers are looking for tickets to an upcoming game, throw your brand out there. With the right message and display, you can catch the eye of your audience.

These app ads can help you get many impressions in your area, strengthening brand awareness and keeping you top of mind.

These kind of ads will vary between industries, and will be more successful for brands that are well-known. For example, StubHub has partnerships with brands like Coors Light and American Express. It’s worth pursuing as the value add can be exponential when your brand is placed in front of millions of baseball fans.

4. App Ads Within Baseball Related Ads

The app stores are flooded with sports-related apps. When you want to show your ads in apps, you have the ability to let AdWords match your ads to apps in the Display Network or select categories.

Select the sports category, and while your audience is looking at baseball scores, highlights, and articles or game recaps. Apps are part of the Display Network, so choosing the category will show your ads within that category.

To reach certain baseball related apps, create a campaign in the Display Network devoted to mobile apps. From Google: “If you’d like to choose specific apps, click Search all apps, and search for those apps in the search box. Then click » next to each app you want your ad to be able to appear in.”

Create an image ad that showcases your brand message. Choosing the right category can help your business hit a homerun during baseball season.

5. Run Ticket Giveaway Contests

One of the best ways to generate buzz about your company is to give away tickets. Run a contest on your social media profiles or website and set guidelines.

Whether it’s a contest to like, follow, or share a post on social platforms, subscribe to a newsletter, or take a picture using the brand or at the brand’s location, make the contest fun. When there are game tickets up for grabs, you’ll be surprised by how many people are interested.

This is a great way to get foot traffic into your physical location, traffic to your website, and engagement on social media.

Run a contest every month to keep customers coming back and engaging with your company. It will lead to brand awareness, establishing relationships and connecting your customers to the game of baseball.

Wrapping Up

Baseball is an exciting time of year. For marketers, baseball season means thinking creatively and out of the box to attract baseball fans to their website or their business.

Create a strong brand relationship with baseball throughout the season. If you’re present at every turn for your customers, they’re going to remember your brand. Keep the bases loaded with your best hitter at the plate and watch as your business crosses the plate with new customers and an extended reach.

It’s baseball season. Time to set your ad lineup.