Flush your competition down the drain!

Creating high-quality content is vital to the success of every digital marketing campaign—especially for plumbers. By attracting online users with a variety of engaging, industry related content and directing them to your website, your search rankings will begin to soar.

Here are ten content marketing tips tailored exclusively for plumbers that will have your inbox bursting with leads:

1. If you want to hit the fastball with email marketingyou have to time it up just right. Combine that with a little bit of luck and you’ll end up hitting the home run you’ve needed to drive in big runs—or, in this case, big leads.

Think about what time of the day customers and prospects are most likely to open emails, especially since a lot of smartphone users receive instant notifications regarding their inboxes. Did they just arrive at work? Are they about to be on lunch break? Maybe they’re about to leave the office. Or perhaps they’re eating dinner with their families.

Make sure you triple-check spelling, punctuation and, of course, take the time of day into consideration before even thinking about hitting send. And always keep in mind that this is a company email blast—not a group text message to friends.

2. So many people seem to be obsessed with their smartphones nowadays, right? Well, with short message service (SMS), you can capitalize on this obsession by sending appointment reminders and confirmations straight to the palms of your subscribers’ hands.

You can also deliver questionnaires or surveys so you can receive feedback from your customers about your services. SMS shouldn’t be used to acquire new customers, though. Rather, you should keep this tool in your toolbox until you feel like it’s an appropriate time to reach out and catch the attention of current customers.

It’s obvious that smartphone users just can’t resist reading a text after seeing that they have an unread message on their home screen; everyone has an insatiable appetite to find out who a text is from and what it says. And that’s exactly why SMS is an incredibly valuable tool to have.

However, don’t make the mistake of bombarding clients with annoying messages every other day, or else they’ll simply lose interest in what you have to say, and possibly even your brand. Save this tool for the big jobs, instead.

3. Write your website content as if you’re sitting across from someone at the dinner table telling them a story. But it’s your story; the one about your business and why you’re better than the next one that they may click on if they decide to hit the back button.

Have a conversation with your audience. Don’t be too technical or use plumbing jargon that they won’t recognize. Give them a reason to click on your phone number, fill out a contact form or schedule an appointment.

This is your chance to engage readers, prove your credibility and earn their trust; so that they may feel comfortable enough to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as you explain to them all of the services that you can provide and demonstrate what separates your company from all the rest.

Your goal must be to keep users on your site for as long as possible, which dramatically increases the likelihood of conversions.

4. Showcase your achievements with detailed case studies that combine the power of numbers with an accurate and compelling narrative on how you’ve helped a homeowner or business overcome a challenge involving their plumbing.

Start by explaining why the customer had contacted you in the first place and the dilemma that they had been facing. Then, describe the process of how your crew had been able to address the situation and offer an appropriate solution.

Think about some of the most successful jobs that you’ve completed. How much money was a homeowner flushing down the drain in utility costs before installing a tankless water heater? How much success has a business experienced after completing renovations and replacing water lines? What did your crew do to help a customer recover after a sewer system backup?

These are all great examples of how you may have leveraged your training and expertise to stop the bleeding and help a customer pull through a distressing ordeal. When you tell a real story of your company’s success and sprinkle in comparative figures regarding the difference that you helped make for a customer, you’re left with a factual account of what happened that simply speaks for itself.        

5. Design infographics that consist of an aesthetically pleasing combination of creative color schemes, entertaining graphics and easily-digestible content. Imagine a diagram of “Repair vs. Replacement,” for example, a list of “The Top 5 Plumbing Emergencies” or a story on “The Evolution of Plumbing.”

The key is to provide users with valuable information about your services and the plumbing industry, in general; so, eventually, people view your company as an expert—a reliable source for tips, advice and basic knowledge.

Most people prefer visual learning tools over a sea of words when they’re trying to understand difficult concepts. So, take advantage of your opportunity to break down big ideas using captivating images and colors, and the least possible amount of content.

This way, your audience will easily soak up what’s most important, and you’ll have them returning, hungry for more.

6. Another great example of a visual aid that helps you capture your audience’s attention and build a following is video clips. As you probably already know, online users have incredibly short attention spans nowadays.

That’s why you need to pull them in quickly, deliver your message and get out. There’s no time to beat around the bush; get straight to the point. For that reason, this form of content is another one in which you should avoid using too many words.

Whether you have a voiceover or include music and content, make sure your slides flow smoothly and help tell a story—even if it’s only a few sentences long. Just like infographics, don’t rely solely on your words to deliver your message.

You can write all the words you want describing your services, but in the end, potential customers are going to want to see, with their own eyes, what you’re capable of doing. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words; therefore, include images of finished jobs in your video clips to show—not tell—how skilled your company truly is.

You can also use this form of content to explain to your audience how to prepare for seasonal change, for instance, to describe what not to flush down the toilet, to suggest reasons why it may be time to make bathroom upgrades or to present a list of the best water heaters on the market today.

7. Update your website regularly with informative blogs that relate to the plumbing industry in some wayThis is an area of your website where you can dive deeper into new products or services, discuss the latest trends and share advice based on different seasons.

Not to mention, search engines love seeing fresh content added to your website. Your blog is the perfect place to provide tips and tricks that help members of your audience stay informed.

Whether you discuss topics such as “4 Ways to Unclog a Toilet,” “6 Plumbing Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value” or “How to Avoid Frozen Pipes,” you’ll make a name for your business as a trusted expert and develop enough content to keep on feeding the beast (aka search engines).

8. Get the word out about your business and spread brand awareness by distributing press releases. You can discuss things like deals and specials, new products or services, community events, recent charity work, new trucks, upcoming projects and finished jobs.

This is the best place to include quotes from a member of your staff or even a review from a satisfied customer. When published regularly, press releases can help you build a strong online presence by providing members of the community with insight on what you’ve been up to.

Building credibility online is a huge factor when it comes to digital marketing. So, don’t skip out on your opportunity to share notable information about your business whenever you have the chance.

9. Develop quizzes that somehow relate to the plumbing industry and provide users with a fun, engaging user experience. Try to come up with enticing topics that people would be interested in learning more about; it doesn’t even need to relate directly to plumbing.

Perhaps you provide online users with true or false questions about the worst plumbing disasters ever recorded in history. Or maybe you test their knowledge by asking multiple choice questions on the history of sewer systems or indoor plumbing.

Or let’s say that you want to throw a wrench into the works by seeing who can name 15 different plumbing tools. No matter what kinds of question you want to ask, online quizzes are often irresistible to users and tend to spread across social platforms like wildfire.

10. To tie it all together, you need to write intriguing social media posts with links leading to the content that you spent so much time creating. Facebook and LinkedIn are both terrific social media platforms for the plumbing industry.

From landing pages, blogs and press releases to case studies, infographics and video clips, you’ll have all the tools and supplies you need to get the job done right. By sharing quality content on social media, you’ll begin to prove your company’s credibility, and as a result, draw a higher number of users.

In doing so, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience with each of your posts and encourage more customers to seek your services. A strong social media presence demonstrates an ideal level of transparency that helps customers feel more confident about contacting you.

Wrapping it Up

By using some of the finest content marketing tools available, you’ll build your website into a lead generating machine. It’s time for you to improve your online visibility in a world so drenched in technology by using proven strategies of drawing users to your website.

Outperform the competition by implementing content marketing into your digital marketing campaign. This way, you’ll begin to notice a steady flow of leads coming through the pipeline.

Keep in mind that when it comes to content marketing, quality always wins over quantity. Don’t wait any longer to prove your industry knowledge and make your voice heard!

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